Sean Cody’s Ethan Has Grown A Beard

Hold me.

A close up of the new beard:

With that beard today, getting fucked by Alan; without the beard a couple months ago, getting fucked by Oscar:

I thought there was nothing Sean Cody’s Ethan could do to be better (see Exhibit A and definitely see Exhibit B), but now he has a beard. And in a scene released today, someone is cumming in that beard. And he’s bouncing around on someone’s dick while his own enormous dick is helicoptering around rock hard and leaking sticky gobs of precum and he’s screaming and he’s licking his lips and I think, to be frank, I am dead. Ethan: You are the most important person in my life.

Sean Cody doesn’t do video trailers and I don’t know how to make .gifs so all I could do was take screen grabs from the scene. Words can’t describe what I’ve just watched, but all I know is that I am in no condition to be in an office around other people right now.

Behold, Allen fucks Ethan:

[Sean Cody: Ethan & Allen]

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16 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Ethan Has Grown A Beard”

  1. I dont even LIKE SeanCody – but I tell you, Ethan is my favorite. Ethan is the only reason I even watch SeanCody. and I only watch his scenes. That guy could make me cum, without even touching it. LMAO

  2. I want to be abused by you Ethan!!! I am so homosexual and you are so cute. Fuck me, Fuck me. I wanto to suck your dick, eat you cum and ass, oh boy

  3. I definitely approve this combination – both these guys are just heaven. But I too agree that Ethan should be topping more.

  4. coincidence that the only 2 ppl that don’t like this look are jorge guerra & carlos eduardo? i’m sure they’re one in the same. I’m Zach you should both fuck off! The man is incredibly hot with or without the beard!

    does he ever top??? He would be spectacular in a flipflop scene! hmm maybe with fellow big-dicked bottom robert from the same studio! Zach/Sean Cody MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  5. I like facial hair on a guy. In Ethan’s case it does improve his look and in a way makes him stick out from the hot stable of Sean Cody hunks.

      1. Give em hell Zach! Ethan was HOT before and he’s HOT now. I don’t normally love facial hair but dayum this boy rocks it!! SC has been beating CF hands down lately!

  6. wow, I hadn’t paid attention to Ethan but I am a fan now! He looks more rugged and that hard dick bouncing as he rides cock is phenomenal.

      1. Calm down bro. I didn’t think much of him without a beard but seeing him with it is hot! Too bad seancody videos feel too staged, forced, and fake.

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