Sean Duran Demonstrates the Double-Ass Pile-Drive on Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lord

In the latest release from Lucas Entertainment, which looks to be possibly the last we’ll see of Sean Duran for a while now that he’s taking a break from porn to raise a scary looking pet fox, Sean Duran pulls off a kind of marvelous feat, double-dipping as it were into the asses of Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lord in the kind of threeway arrangement that’s the dream of all power tops.

Three asses would probably be too much, but with two, so long as they’re little dudes like Armond and Rafael, you can just bounce back and forth fucking them both. But who gets the creampie? Does Sean have the masterful skill and cum control to divide it evenly between both asses!?!?!


Also, as rare as a blue moon, you’ll get to see Armond Rizzo top.














[Lucas: Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed]


9 thoughts on “Sean Duran Demonstrates the Double-Ass Pile-Drive on Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lord”

  1. As a top only myself I’m a big sucker for Armond’s ass, that guy still drives me nuts with his bottoming skills, good kisser too

  2. I think that all 3 men are attractive but these photos are so over produced that they look more like manikins than real people. I mean seriously no one looks like themselves…
    And who decided that Armond should be a top ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? I like the guy, he is one of porns biggest bottoms but who sat in the office that day and said here’s a switch make him a top. LOL
    I would like so many men in porn to top just to change it up but not this guy he just does not look credible here.
    The scene however does look hot.

  3. Jesus god please no more promo pics filled with sphincters that look like horse lips. If ruined holes really start to go mainstream I’m gonna have to swear off this whole being gay thing.

      1. You see that posting name that’s not yours? And that word that starts with “I” and ends the same way? There’s your big clue that I’m speaking for myself.

        1. Perhaps English is not your first language but “Speak for yourself” is what is known as an idiom. It’s not to be taken literally. There is no fear of ventriloquists in the post. It simply means that I disagree with your contention.

          The important part of the post was what came after the idiom, not the idiom.

          In other words, lighten up…which is also an idiom, not to be taken literally. It’s not a request for you to avoid the sun. It’s a request for you to take a lighthearted post in the way that it was intended.

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