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The Full Meal Dick Deal

Is Sean Duran supersized? Check. John Ander & Ian Greene both opt for double beef? Check. But it’s the combination platter of a facial and soaked hole that drenches Ian that you have to check out.

Ok, no more cheesy food metaphors. There’s nothing at all cheesy about the latest from “Drive Thru” from Raging Stallion that may just keep you jacking all through Memorial Day Weekend.

Before the two-minute mark, Sean has his tongue stuffed up John’s hole. And then stuffing of every hole continues non-stop for the next half hour.

sean duran ian green john anderSean Duran was a slim and smooth when I first filmed him five years ago. His transformation from pup to a hairy, stacked man is awe inspiring. A sexual savant he always was. And an almost-DILF sexual predator is what he has grown into. John Ander is making his studio debut while cocksmith Ian Greene delivers another standout performance.

Sean orders the meal with the “most meat” and some tasty cakes for dessert at the “Drive Thru” from fast food workers Ian and John. When there’s nothing sweet on the menu, they improvise with some buns. After Sean has taken a taste test of both Ian and John, they return the favor. But it’s not Sean’s buns they’re after.

sean duran ian green john anderIan and John climb out of the window and meet Sean at the back of his truck. Let the train begin. John gets bent over first. As he gets pounded by Sean, Ian feeds John his dick.

sean duran ian green john anderMoving to the bed of Sean’s truck, Ian gets his ass slicked and fingered while he sucks on John’s cock. Then Sean steps up, dives in, and gives Ian’s ass a dick walloping that makes the truck shake and Ian tremble.

sean duran ian green john anderSean pulls out and soaks Ian’s now gaping hole. Then John unleashes a mother load that lacerates Ian’s face from forehead to chin. Dripping in seed from them both, Ian finally uncorks a pent-up nut that literally makes him shudder. The end their fuck fest with a three-way snowball kiss. Hot damn.

[Watch Ian, John, & Sean in “Drive Thru” scene three at Raging Stallion]

2 thoughts on “The Full Meal Dick Deal”

  1. Pretty good scene, although, Sean Duran looked better when he was clean/healthy looking. Now, not so much, unfortunately.

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