Sean Harding Tweets

Sean Harding Wants To Out A “Homophobic Republican Senator”

Adult film star Sean Harding basically broke the internet yesterday when he asked his followers about a “homophobic Republican senator who is no better than Trump.” Harding opened a conversation about possibly outing this senator who “keeps passing legislation that is damaging to the LGBT and minority communities.”

In his original tweets, Harding calls for other sex workers to speak up about their experiences with the mystery politician. He seems to be hoping that by speaking up, the “homophobic” senator will be pushed out of office. Harding says that he currently has two other individuals who are willing to go forward with their experiences with the senator.

Harding did not say who the senator is or who it could possibly be, but he does refer to the politician by two letters at one point – possibly referencing their initials. Take a look below at the screenshots:

Sean Harding TweetsSean Harding Tweets

Even though Harding was keeping hush about the name, many people on Twitter started guessing who it could possibly be.

Porn star Hugh Hunter seems to corroborate Harding’s story and says that he has “receipts.”

Harding even tagged Stormy Daniels, a porn star who has been connected to President Donald Trump, and asked her to reach out to him. In the same thread, Harding revealed that he’s being vetted by PR firms and currently finding a legal team.

Sean Harding Tweets

Many started discussing the ethics of outing someone against their will. Podcast host Ira Madison III, Gayme Show host Matt Rogers, and writer/son of Sally Field Sam Greisman commented on the subject on Twitter. The general consensus with many users is that if the person is harmful to the community, then it doesn’t really matter if you out them without consent.

Sean Harding Tweets Sean Harding Tweets Sean Harding Tweets

Harding tweeted out that he does not have a GoFundMe set up at this time and said that “removing corruption from office is the only crowdfunded payout I want.” He then linked to a donation page for Jaime Harrison, a Democrat who is currently running for senate in South Carolina.

Sean Harding Tweets

What do you think of the situation? Do you think these men have receipts they can use to out someone? Should they out him? Should they have outed him a long time ago? Sound off in the comments below.



12 thoughts on “Sean Harding Wants To Out A “Homophobic Republican Senator””

  1. You have receipts, so does that mean you had SEX with a known vile homophobe who looks like a used condom? Your body remembers! Is this your way of “cleansing” yourself? It doesn’t work! That said, you know what to do. And since you have the “receipts” that will pass the valid evidence test, you don’t need another sex worker, you need the right representation!

  2. FINALLY! It is more than about time that someone, somewhere spilled the entire Teapot on Dear Lindsey! He is from my home state, and is a total flip-flopping SOB that more than deserves OUTing! I’m a Gay Man, and I say OUT THE ASSHOLE LINDSEY GRAHAM !!

  3. I would, knowing he is still pushing hypocrisy. In fact if he has pics even better yet. Show him w/ cum leakin out of his mouth or ass. Put the caption” do you share with your wife my cum?”

    1. Wow people I’m an open and out gay man in the south …..and A PROUD REPUBLICAN!
      GET AN EDUCATION, OPEN YOUR EYES and be grateful for this country ……you all are shameful! Good grief!


        Hey Anonymous, if you really believed what you are saying, ” your open and out ”
        You would have signed your name! But you didn’t, that tells me that your the same kind of self loathing queer that LG is …

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