sean maygers fucks brett dylan

Mirror, Mirror On The Ball

Once Sean Maygers got a look at the reflection of Brett Dylan, talking to the man in the mirror would have to wait. Sean had other plans for Brett’s mouth. Ditto for the rest of him.

Falcon takes us to the bathhouse as nine studs are on a quest to find the hottest bodies to satisfy their deepest desires in “A Night at the Entourage”, their new DVD premiering today.

Dim lights, anonymous men, and unlimited places to suck a dick or fuck an ass are just for starters.

Then there are those dark corners and private rooms.

Director Tony Dimarco has quite the line up to take us on our tour:
sean maygers fucks brett dylanBrent Corrigan  |  Gabriel Cross  |  Brett Dylan  |  JJ Knight  |  Skyy Knox  |  Sean Maygers  |  Pierce Paris  |  Tyler Roberts  |  Roman Todd

The first scene went live today with Brett Dylan and Sean Maygers

sean maygers fucks brett dylanBrett Dylan made his Falcon debut giving it up for JJ Knight’s penis colossus in “Mojave Heat” so he’s well broken in for the decidedly not so light tough of Sean Maygers. As we said yesterday, Sean Maygers is a star on the rise and one to look out for this year going right to the top. That’s exactly what he did with Brett today.

sean maygers fucks brett dylan“Sean Maygers is horny as hell at the bathhouse cruising guys who check out his bulging biceps as they pass by. Sean is being picky tonight as he waits for just the right guy to come along. When Brett Dylan passes him in the hallway, Sean claims his prize and pulls Brett into a private playroom.”

sean maygers fucks brett dylanBrett immediately falls to his knees. Sean drops his shorts and literally plays “Taps” with his dick in memory of what used to be Brett’s gag reflex.

sean maygers fucks brett dylanUsing Brett’s jockstrap like a handle and his ass for a punching bag, Sean stretched out Brent’s hole from the inside out.

sean maygers fucks brett dylanSean drills down onto Brett’s g-spot and fucks the cum right out him. After giving all he can, Sean pulls out and sprays his load all over Brett’s now very spent ass. Good thing there are showers nearby.

[Watch Brett & Sean in “A Night at the Entourage” at Falcon]


1 thought on “Mirror, Mirror On The Ball”

  1. I seriously cannot get enough of Sean Maygers. Everything about him make horny as hell. I hear he has an upcoming scene at Raw Fuck Club. Oh hell yeah!

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