sean maygers fucks derek bolt

Derek Bolt & Lightning

Derek provides the bolt. Sean Maygers provides the lightning. And ultimately, lightning strikes twice when Derek ends up taking two loads to face.

When you think of it, the fact that the storyline behind “Vice” from Raging Stallion was deemed too much to primetime but the sex only version was A-OK defies logic.

But with sex scenes like this, we’re sure as hell glad it’s not the other way around.

Especially when it means uniting the nuts of Sean Maygers with the hole of Derek Bolt.

sean maygers fucks derek boltDerek Bolt has been a stranger this year. Last time we saw him, we saw him, he was getting spit-roasted by Alex Mecum and Teddy Torres. But just take a look at him: all kinds of hot AF. Sean Maygers, on the other hand, has been on a tear this year. As in tearing up holes in a scene after scene. The picture above shows why Sean is always welcome on the blue screen pitching, catching, or both.

sean maygers fucks derek bolt“Derek Bolt is an undercover Vice officer poking around Sean Maygers’ distributing headquarters when Sean catches him in the act. Derek instantly rips off his shirt and gets on his knees to service the hung kingpin.”

sean maygers fucks derek boltSean face fucks the horny cop until he’s ready to give that hairy hole a deep excavation that with his probing tongue and leaves it dripping with spit.

sean maygers fucks derek boltNo light touch for Sean. He bends Derek over and shoves that big dick into Derek balls deep. Then when they move to the bench to Derek can have a ride, his bouncing up and down means taking a direct hit to his prostate.

sean maygers fucks derek boltBut Sean’s load was churning up as well and Derek offers up his face to be Sean’s cum dump. With Sean’s load dripping down his face, Derek dumps his nut all over his abs while Sean wipes upM/a> the stragglers on this thigh and wipes Derek’s own load right back onto his tongue.

[Watch Derek & Sean in “Vice” scene three at Raging Stallion]


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