sean zevran alex mecum flip fuck

Perfect Pairing Too Long In The Making: Sean Zevran & Alex Mecum

Alex Mecum doesn’t immediately come to mind for an all-out leather fuck-fest. But when Sean Zevran is in the mood for a flip, who could say no?

Many a man would drop to their knees to worship at the altar of Falcon Studios Group exclusive Sean Zevran or Alex Mecum. Director Nick Foxx has taken them to a sweaty, hazy warehouse where this epic pairing forms a mutual admiration society of two. Alex Mecum goes from being the boy next door to the pig in the dungeon as he and Sean’s dark flip kicks off “Skuff 5: Rough Trade – Part 2” at Hot House.

sean zevran alex mecum flip fuckFrom mild to wild, Sean Zevran has few rivals in the gay porn universe. Top, bottom, smooth, or hairy, few men are as truly versatile, and as sexually gifted as he is. Handsome, hairy Alex Mecum is a perfect physical match. Alex and Sean give the vanilla a rest today and go toe to toe, codpiece to codpiece, and hole to hole.

sean zevran alex mecum flip fuckIt’s clear, they both feel sexy in their gear which means they look hot as fuck to the rest of us. The oral worship begins with their lips and moves south as Alex inhales Sean’s cock. When it’s Sean turn to return the favor, Alex’s mighty meat bloats up bigger than I have ever seen it before. Sean Zevran will do that to a man.

sean zevran alex mecum flip fuckAfter Alex scruffy face reaches Sean’s perfect hole, Sean is ready to be taken. They are both dripping in sweat with every muscle flexed as Alex rams the hole with speed and power he hasn’t shown before.

sean zevran alex mecum flip fuckThey flip and Alex opens himself up to get the maximum penetration from Sean’s dick. He takes every thrust with gritted teeth and a hungry hole. They switch positions one more time. Sean covers his abs in a heavy load and immediately after, Alex’s nut splatters Sean’s chest. Then he grabs Alex by the harness and pulls him down for a lip lock that neither one of them wanted to end.

[Watch Alex Mecum & Sean Zevran in “Skuff 5: Rough Trade – Part 2” scene one at Hot House]

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