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Sean Zevran Is Now A CockyBoy

Nope. I didn’t see this one coming. But when it comes to Sean Zevran cumming, we’ll be watching him in a different place.

Sean Zevran is in a rare group: he’s a living gay porn icon.

Smooth, hairy, top, or bottom: few stars exhibit such nearly universal appeal.

But even icons needs to change it up now and then.

For Sean Zevran, that time is now.

Like many things in the gay porn world, the news broke in a tweet.

At Falcon, Hot House, and Raging Stallion, Sean reigned as one of the jewels of the Falcon Studios Group crown. It was not just what he did, but how he did it, that will characterize his incredibly run tenure from start to finish.

Change is nothing new in the gay porn universe. Sean Cody’s Brandon and Porter are now at Men while Forest became Clark Campbell at NextDoorStudios and Ollie is now a free agent. Boomer Banks made the jump to CockyBoys last summer followed by Tegan Zayne in the summer.
sean zevran cockyboysBut as we are currently seeing in “Trapped” from Raging Stallion, Tegan Zayne has come full circle and is once again filming for the Falcon Studios Group.

sean zevran cockyboysA new studio brings new possibilities in scene partners to name just one area. CockyBoys is wasting no time: his first scene with Levi Karter just debuted to kick off their new series, “Just One Night”.

[Watch Levi & Sean in “Just One Night” at CockyBoys]

Taking Sean for a test drive just got easier on your wallet:
Take advantage of the limited-time CockyBoys Flash Sale

Social media sure has changed how the game is played. Stars market themselves directly to their fans now. Which stars and studios do you follow?

6 thoughts on “Sean Zevran Is Now A CockyBoy”

  1. The Holy Trinity of my universe is Sebastian Kross, Ryan Rose, and Sean Zevran. All others are their footstool. Sean Zevran at CockyBoys?!? Yes, please!!!

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