sean zevran fucks brandon evans

The Ultimate Recruiting Tool Is Between Sean Zevran’s Legs

Sean Zevran and Brandon Evans are two of the best reasons yet to enlist. And if Sean’s dick doesn’t get you there, what he does today with Brandon Evans’ ass will surely get you off.

Operation Desert Porn, officially known as “Code Of Silence” from Falcon cums to a close with its final mission.

This was transformative gay porn as the remote location combined with the Marine strappings seemingly took the cast the sandy expanse of the Middle East while delivering the goods every time to a monitor new you.

sean zevran fucks brandon evans“I know you two have been sneaking out in the middle of the night to suck each other off,” Sergeant Zevran whispers in Brandon Evans ear as he comes up behind him. At first, Brandon is full of denials. And before long, he’s full of Sean’s dick.

sean zevran fucks brandon evansIt took us to this fourth scene to get here, but almost immediately, we’re introduced to a casualty of war: Brandon’s gag reflex.

sean zevran fucks brandon evansEvery golden hair on Brandon’s fuzzy butt is soon dripping in Sean’s spit.

sean zevran fucks brandon evansSgt. Zevran is exactly as we want him. Large and in charge. He rubs his fat cockhead up and down Brandon’s slicked rosebud. When he asks Brandon is he’s ready to be plowed, Brandon yells out the same thing we would, “Yes, Seargent” even though it really wasn’t a question. It was an order.

sean zevran fucks brandon evansFlipping Brandon on his back, Sean ratchets up the speed and Brandon can’t hold back any longer. As for the cum rip you see above, Brandon is just getting started. Once he finishes draining his nut, Sean looms over him and soaks him again. And then, well, then there’s a twist that will make your heart pound right along with your dick.

[Watch Brandon & Sean in “Code Of Silence” scene four at Falcon]


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