sean zevran fucks derek bolt hot house

Sean Zevran Goes Deep & Long In Derek Bolt

Being on the receiving end of the “Gay Performer of the Year” makes Derek Bolt one of the luckiest men on the planet.

Head to toe, front to back, hairy or smooth, top or bottom, once again Sean Zevran offers more reasons he’s the man we can’t live without.

All ‘stached and with not even a tan line to get in the way, Derek Bolt’s muscled body gets an all-star upgrade in this 360° fuck fest from “Depths Of Focus”.

sean zevran fucks derek bolt hot houseSean continues to hone his body from perfection to a living work of art. With no tell-tale bitch tits or bacne to get in the way, he’s not relying on magic juice to make it happen. He hits the gym the way he hits Derek’s holes today: hard and relentless. Today, Sean pays a visit his tailor, Derek Bolt. Of course, to get the most accurate fit, Sean must take everything off. And that process is like unwrapping the hottest package anyone ever received.

sean zevran fucks derek bolt hot houseOf course, a tailor shop has a full-length looking glass. Today, that become a device for Hot House to capture the action from every angle. In doing so, it’s quite clear than when it comes angles, our men today don’t have any bad ones. The smoke doesn’t come from the mirror. It comes from Sean and Derek.

sean zevran fucks derek bolt hot houseThe panorama reflected back is what a real ass fucking should be like — but even in gay porn, seldom is achieved.

sean zevran fucks derek bolt hot houseTheir muscles bulge and flex as they work up a sweat. And in the process, Sean works up a heavy load he unleashes all over Derek’s beefy, freshly fucked cheeks. Derek explodes all over his abs and that gets smeared onto Sean’s as they press their lips and bodies together. Derek’s thought bubble is praying that Sean is going to need a second fitting. And he’s going to need another drilling. Smart man.

[Watch Derek Bolt & Sean Zevran in “Depths Of Focus” scene three]

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