sean zevran fucks skyy knox

The Unparalleled, Ripped Perfection Of Sean Zevran & Skyy Knox

Porn stars come and go, but then there’s Sean Zevran who has become a gay porn icon because of who he is. And who he does. Today, that who is Skyy Knox. Enough said.

Last fall, “The Trainer” from Hot House took the ferocity of a serious workout and followed it through to the sexual intensity it leads to.

Few series have been so successful. And even fewer are demanding for a sequel.

Today, Hot House unveils “The Trainer: No Excuses”. Director Nick Foxx again explore the ultimate desires of motivated fitness pros who let off steam, and sperm, by completing their workout with each other’s perfect bodies. To take our sexual fitness to the next level, Nick has selected some of hottest bodies in business:

Falcon Studios Group exclusives Sean Zevran  |  Skyy Knox  |  Austin Wolf
sean zevran fucks skyy knox and Johnny V along with Alex Mecum  |  Dakota Rivers  |  Micah Brandt

“The Trainer: No Excuses” couldn’t get off to a stronger and hotter start than it does today with Sean and Skyy.

sean zevran fucks skyy knoxSean and Skyy each have the kinds of bodies that certified personal trainers aspire to and the rest of us lust over. To say they look natural working out is an understatement. Side by side in the locker room, it’s a primal invitation waiting to happen. As the trainer today, Sean will accept no excuses for not bringing it all and hitting it hard. Skyy’s anticipation of getting Sean inside his body mirrors that of our own. It’s on from the very first frame.

sean zevran fucks skyy knoxAs soon as Sean unveils that thick, veiny dick, Skyy is rendered powerless. Sean is going to push him beyond his limits. And he can’t wait. He drops to his knees and Sean he plows his face. Then Sean uses Skyy’s sweet hole as a post-workout snack.

sean zevran fucks skyy knoxSkyy’s hole is open, slicked, and soon filled with Sean’s cock as Skyy’s own cock sways back and forth, rock hard and leaking.

sean zevran fucks skyy knoxSkyy’s almost painfully hard bone cuts through the air as he takes a seat and starts riding. The peak physical condition of both our men is as visually impressive as it is sexually intoxicating.

sean zevran fucks skyy knoxBut once Sean flips Skyy on his back, the relentless pounding becomes too much and Skyy sprays his abs with a torrent of jizz. When Sean sees the view of Skyy drenched in his own seed, he pulls out, walks up to Skyy paints his face white. A sexual detente has been achieved. Until next time, that is.

[Watch Skyy & Sean in “The Trainer: No Excuses” scene one at Hot House]

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  1. Anyone who says Sean Zevran looks like a little boy due to his total manscaping job just can’t deal with the fact he’s all man.

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