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Sean Zevran & Micah Brandt Make Headlines For The Right Reason

We’ll know there’s true gay porn diversity when we’re talking about the hotness of a scene, not the race of the models. As for Sean & Micah today, two words: hotness overload.

2017 had just begun when I shared the news that shouldn’t have been news at all: when aired the Micah Brant and Diesel Washington scene, it was their first featuring two men of color. A month or so earlier, Sean Cody made their bid with “Phillip & Landon: Bareback”.

Today, Hot House joins the list with Sean Zevran and Micah. But most importantly, this fourth scene from “Bathhouse Ballers” joins another list: one of their hottest scenes and a contender for scene of the year.

sean zevran micah brandt flip fuck hot houseI love the hairy Sean Zevran. I hate shaved pubes. And yes, they overdid it with the baby oil. Those are the only three minor complaints to be heard today. Simply stated, this scene has two of the most physically appealing and sexually talented men on the planet in a scorcher of a flip-fuck. Unzip and enjoy.

sean zevran micah brandt flip fuck hot houseWith the incomparable oral talents of Micah and Sean, the humble blowjob becomes load inducing all by itself.

sean zevran micah brandt flip fuck hot houseLikewise, a new bar has been set at how hot eating ass can be.

sean zevran micah brandt flip fuck hot houseToday, fucking is elevated from a primal act to the willful giving and receiving of as much pleasure the human body is capable of registering.

sean zevran micah brandt flip fuck hot houseIt’s not as much about seeing Micah top as it is what it does for Sean. All the way to those two loads soaking his sack and the deep, passionate kiss that seals this deal. More please. And make it soon.

[Watch Sean Zevran & Micah Brandt in “Bathhouse Ballers” scene four]

Technical note: the darker the color, the more light it absorbs and things can appear dull, or ashy, on screen. That extends to skin color. Lotion, or baby oil, is an antidote to that. At the same time, it does impart the sheen of sweat apropos to a scene in a sauna. Yes, the overdid with the oil but Sean and Micah’s overload of hotness conquers all. Do you agree?

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