Sebastian Kross Appears In New Scenes For Raging Stallion and Falcon: Which Is Hotter?

Just last week we got a new scene from Falcon’s VIP – After Hours with star top Sebastian Kross fucking Addison Graham. Now, we get two more, one from Raging Stallion and another one from Falcon. Maybe they could have thrown in a Hot House scene for good measure?

The Falcon Studios exclusive is still very hot, and a pretty good top even though we’re all obviously waiting for him to bottom, which he probably will. At some point.

And he’s quickly making his way through the entire Raging Hot Falcon stable, as we’ve seen all this year.

Right now, though, we get to see him punking, and then fucking Mike DeMarko in Dick Moves, which is a feature all about guys pranking their coworkers (and bosses) and videotaping it, which always leads to sex.


Next, we get Sebastian choking Micah Brandt with his cock, eating Micah’s ass, and fucking him on a box/platform, all while wearing high-top sneakers. Because what would a box fucking be without some high-top sneakers. This scene is the first from a feature called Surge.


And, in case you missed it and didn’t feel like clicking, here’s Sebastian’s fuck with Addison Graham again in VIP – After Hours.


Now, vote.


[Raging Stallion: Dick Moves, Scene 3]
[Falcon Studios: Surge]

2 thoughts on “Sebastian Kross Appears In New Scenes For Raging Stallion and Falcon: Which Is Hotter?”

  1. Is this baby faced midget the only think keeping the lights on at Falcon these days? If so things don’t look good for them..

  2. Sebastian is very OK. But, Falcon lost his unique signature since it was acquired by RGS. Falcon, Raging Stallion and Hot House are doing always the same movies.
    The last movie in the original spirit of Falcon was “Moving up”.
    What a pity to let Brent Corrigan away!
    Sebastian and Brent together under what made Falcon unique; more Theo Ford…

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