Sebastian Kross Talks About Being Homeless, Getting Kicked Out of the Military, and Going to Jail

What was I saying about Raging Stallion and westerns? Well, fast on the heels of Sidewinder, we get this follow-up called Total Exposure, which may not quite be a western, but it looks like one, and it features all Falcon Studios Group A-Team exclusives.

First up is an incredibly hot and sweaty outdoor scene with Sebastian Kross fucking Dorian Ferro next to a 100-year-old barn, and just watching Dorian’s cock helicoptering around while he rides Sebastian is pretty mesmerizing.


But director Steve Cruz did a 20-minute interview on set with Sebastian which is the most revealing so far with the breakout star.

At 22, Sebastian has already had a pretty colorful life, starting out as a homeless teenager during high school, enlisting in the Navy, getting deployed to the Persian Gulf, getting kicked out of the military and subsequently going to jail — he doesn’t explain for what, but it sounds like the two were connected — getting into tattooing while in prison, and then ultimately getting out and starting to go-go, which led to being discovered and drawn into the gay porn industry this year.

He comes off as a shy, sweet guy who says he’d rather be home on the couch with Netflix than anywhere else, and says he can’t stand being up on stage in front of people — but, he says, “tequila helps.” He says Ryan Rose was one of his favorite scene partners to date. He reiterates the fact that he doesn’t have any friends outside of Instagram, which he said earlier. And he feeds off the love of fans, so keep the love coming via Instagram, or wherever.

Watch the whole interview here, and below watch his fuck the cum out of Dorian Ferro.


[Raging Stallion: Total Exposure Scene 1]


11 thoughts on “Sebastian Kross Talks About Being Homeless, Getting Kicked Out of the Military, and Going to Jail”

  1. he is a hot sexy dude and while I would do just about anything to have him slide that awesome yummy love muscle down my throat, I really would like to become his friend, he seems to be a great person and I am sure would be a great friend.
    Cheers Graham (Johannesburg)

  2. What did you do to this website, the new layout is absolutely horrendous. I usually just glance and move on, only spend a few seconds at The Sword because it is so busy, and confusing to navigate.

  3. I always liked the way Sebastian looks, After watching that interview, I like Sebastian Kross. He seems like such a sensitive, shy and interesting guy. I didn’t like hearing that he doesn’t really have any friends. Some people are missing out on an awesome opportunity to have a friend like him.

    1. Not according to all the people that have met him……………………just google it- closeted bisexual douche.
      …and he was kicked out of the military for drug use. :|

      1. well that doesn’t really give us much to go by, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a huge douchebag in his personal life.

        I can believe he was homeless, but I can’t believe a guy like that doesn’t have any real friends unless he is a major douche in his private life. A guy with a body like that, he will always have people wanting to be his friends, gay or straight, male or female.

      2. WOW. You actually know “all the people that have met him” LOL What is your source for the statement: “he was kicked out of the military for drug use”?

    2. No one is missing out on anything by not being friends with him. It’s no secret that he’s a huge douche bag and while he might come across as all sweet in interviews when he knows he’s being recorded, he’s a smug, arrogant a-hole in his real life.

      He has an “I’m not gay” chip on his shoulder and a very serious Napoleon complex. He views gay men as lesser than “real men” and uses “gay” as an insult and put down. It’s like the kid is stuck in high school.

      He doesn’t have friends (except one friend from back when he was in the military with, who he does drugs with and goes to EDM parties with) because he is full of himself, is a total mooch & user, and he is an over-the-top showoff.

      At an event, he gave attitude to Lance Bass who he thought was hitting on him, yelled at him about how he’s “not gay”, and then the next day after realizing who Lance was had to put his tail between his legs and apologize (check his Twitter history). According to Lance, he was in no way hitting on SK and it was a very ugly and borderline homophobic experience.

      Sebastian Kross needs to go away.

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