Joel Kim Booster nudes

See NBC Sitcom Star Joel Kim Booster’s Naked Jockstrap Pic

Twitter has been full of thirst traps for the past couple of days. Why you ask? Because of a somewhat horny tweet prompt posted by singer Savannah Cristina! The artist asked Twitter users to share “a picture of when you just KNEW your body was FIRE” and the rest was history. People immediately started posting shirtless photos or totally nude photos, but the best picture to come out of this prompt belongs to comedian Joel Kim Booster.

You know Joel as a hilarious Twitter personality, a stand-up comic, a podcast host, a producer for Netflix’s Big Mouth, and a star of the NBC’s 2019 sitcom Sunnyside. Not only is he funny as hell and behind some of our favorite comedy projects, but the man is also one of the sexiest hunks in the business. He took part in Savannah’s Twitter prompt with a pretty racy photo of him wearing only a jockstrap. We get a side view of his great ass, a glance at his glorious abs, and a pretty solid look at his full bulge. Take a look below:

Joel Kim Booster nudes

And because we know you’re just as horny as we are for this man, here are a few extra pictures of him showing some serious skin. (You can see all these and more over on his Twitter and Instagram.)

Joel Kim Booster nudes

Photos via Twitter and Instagram.


4 thoughts on “See NBC Sitcom Star Joel Kim Booster’s Naked Jockstrap Pic”

  1. He’s hotter than hell. Where are the hot Asians in porn? The bigger studios don’t seem to use them, with a few minor exceptions. More beautiful Asian men, please!

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