See Zander Craze Get a Huge Mouthful of Viktor Rom’s Cum

In a new scene for Lucas Entertainment, big-dicked bottom Zander Craze gets fucked every which way by power top Viktor Rom.

They even do this backwards fuck move that doesn’t seem like it should work.



But the weird thing about this shoot is that it looks like they shot a completely other scene during daylight hours, and all we have are stills from that. Zander still gets fucked, and gets a huge mouthful of cum at the end, but that’s totally not the same scene that’s in the trailer.

First, here’s the trailer, of a night-shot scene on what may be the same patio.


Now, here are the stills for the other scene they shot, maybe earlier that day? On a different day?















That looks like a pretty hot scene! Too bad we can’t watch it. :(


[Lucas Entertainment: Zander Craze and Viktor Rom]


5 thoughts on “See Zander Craze Get a Huge Mouthful of Viktor Rom’s Cum”

  1. This isn’t the first time there was a MAJOR time / lighting shift. This is my review of the Tomas Brand and Massimo Piano scene:

    In addition to really crappy lighting as they were quickly losing sunlight on the day, when Piano cums….he’s fucking Brand in the dusky sunlight and when there is an edit to Piano’s face orgasming, but it’s nighttime (WHATT?!!?!) and then another edit of his actual cum shot and it’s at night. (I repeat….WHAATT?!?!?).

    Whoever is managing production there or running the shoot is planning POORLY!

  2. Viktor Rom is so fucking sexy and he can fuck me silly with that beautiful cock, though I’m not a fan of his over exaggerated scream when he cums.

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