Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

Gay Porn History Goes Global As “Seed Money” Goes Mainstream

The Sword co-founder turned filmmaker, Mike Stabile, has called Falcon founder Chuck Holmes “the gay Hugh Hefner.” The rest of the world is about to find out why.

“Chuck Holmes founded a gay porn empire, then tried to use his fortune to help propel the gay rights movement forward — only to find that while his money was welcome, he sometimes wasn’t. “Seed Money” is a feature-length documentary about one of gay cultures most unlikely heroes.” ~Mike Stabile

“Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story” from Mike Stabile.

Mike Stabile began working on his documentary in 2009. From its west coast premiere in the Castro, to how the enduring legacy of Chuck Holmes created today’s gay porn Adonis, we have carefully followed Mike and his film along on their journey here at The Sword.
articleNow as Xbiz is reporting, the world is about to find out what we have known all along: just what a masterpiece this award-nominated documentary is.

Mainstream film distributor Breaking Glass Pictures will release Michael Stabile’s “Seed Money,” the documentary chronicling the rise of Falcon Studios and its founder Chuck Holmes, on video-on-demand and DVD in October.

“He created an empire of fantasy and freedom, and then was passionate about using his vast fortune to advance gay rights,” Stabile told XBIZ last year. “He’s one of the unsung heroes of gay liberation.”

Filmmaker Mike Stabile “Director Mike Stabile has crafted a loving homage to the legendary Falcon Studios and the man, Chuck Holmes, who created the empire”, Breaking Glass Pictures co-President Richard Ross told Broadway World. “This is a fitting tribute to a bygone era, and the beginning of the most recognizable brand in gay adult films.”

While the film used crowd-sourced funding for its early production, companies like San Francisco-based were generous in coming aboard with finishing funds. Falcon Studios itself gave the filmmaker access to its vast library of films and to unseen photos and video of Holmes.

“Seed Money” will be available to buy or rent starting Oct. 4 on the following platforms — iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu and on-demand through local cable and satellite providers.

Congratulations, Mike Stabile. Or as they say in Chinese, Mazel Tov!

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