Separated At Birth: Mason Star And Hayden Christensen

Maybe I’ve been looking at Cocky Boys’ new exclusive Mason Star too much this week and my brain is more of a mess than it usually is, but I think he looks exactly like Darth Vader.

Not the old, gross Darth Vader, but the young, hot one. Specifically, the actor who played him, Hayden Christensen. They’re basically identical from the nose up (try and disagree, I dare you), and even their mouths are similar, though Hayden’s might look different with a dick or three in it.

Hayden Christensen’s movies are going direct to DVD (or worse, direct to pay-per-view cable) now, and Mason Star’s movies are going on Cocky Boys.

More from Mason’s Twitter and Cocky Boys:

[Cocky Boys: Mason Star]


13 thoughts on “Separated At Birth: Mason Star And Hayden Christensen”

  1. Zack: This was good fun and well worth the effort. Like you…I am a big Mason Fan. From watching his videos….you can tell he enjoys his work….and I like that.

  2. If this was a choice between Hayden and Mason?

    I chose Hayden. Zach can have Mason with a boom box over their bed.

  3. Not all of Hayden’s movies are bad.. have you seen Takers ? A good little heist movie and he looked fucking fantastic there. Both are hotties but look nothing alike!

  4. He looks nothing like Hayden Christensen. Not even close to that level of beauty….and that chest tat is hideous.

  5. Oh, god. You’re going to drive down to LA and hold a boom box up over your head outside his window, aren’t you?

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