Separated At Birth: Spencer Reed’s Blond Boyfriends

Who would you rather?

After his very public break-up with Phillip Aubrey, award-winning megastar Spencer Reed quickly moved on to another blond bombshell, fellow gay porn star Carsten Andresson, and started a new relationship.

After that fizzled out, Spencer got a bad tattoo and was rumored to be briefly dating another gay porn star (who isn’t blond), Alex Marte.

Now, Spencer has a third blond boyfriend. His name is Damir and he’s perhaps the most blond of all, but he’s not a gay porn star. He’s just a blond.

On the left, Spencer’s blond ex-boyfriend Phillip Aubrey.
In the middle, Spencer’s new blond lover Damir.
On the right, Spencer’s old blond boytoy Carsten Andresson.

Is Spencer Reed dangerously addicted to blonds?
Do blonds really have more fun?
Which blond’s carpet matches his drapes?
Why are all of Spencer’s blonds in the woods?
Would you dye your hair blond in order to get Spencer Reed to notice you?
Which blond would you rather?


17 thoughts on “Separated At Birth: Spencer Reed’s Blond Boyfriends”

  1. They may be blond now, but they won’t be blond for long. They’ll be black and blue, then fading to a nice purple and green with yellow highlights.

  2. Alex Marte is hot and I’m glad he is no longer in a relationship with Spencer Reed, if he ever was in one. If Alex is gay or bi, he should be with a guy who is as equally versatile as Alex has been.

      1. Hmm,I remember that gay porn blind item Zach did,and he wrote: which ”gayforpay” pornstar (who says he’s ”openly gay”) had started a fake relationship via twitter/Facebook,just wondering if was Alex and Spencer (?)

        1. bingo we have a winner. it’s not really a big secret in the industry. if you want proof, it only takes a quick google search to see pics of alex with some of his…ummm….female friends.

          1. Links?? A blind item is not a proper source IMO and Alex looks really gay – by that I don’t mean that he is flaming or anything but he really seems enjoys what he does, he is agressive and passionate both as a top and a bottom , kiss , spits , licks everywhere… Straight men/ gay4pay are never that eager to do any of this . I’m not buying this .

  3. Don’t like any of these 3 but I think he recently upgraded and got a real man ( Alex Marte <3 ) . Are they still together though?

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