sergeant miles fucks skyy knox

Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Sleaze

It’s not often we see something original in gay porn anymore. But this high stakes fuck between Sergeant Miles & Skyy Knox is not just that, it’s just one part of a smoking hot scene.

As we’ve seen the first and second episodes of “Get LIT” from Hot House so far, they have dispensed with the plot and instead, employed hot guys in hot action to tell the xxx tale.

How they are going to top this remains to be seen. Skyy Knox is uber bottom. Sergeant Miles is a masterful top. This pairing was made in heaven — and in the air.

sergeant miles fucks skyy knox“Skyy Knox and Sergeant Miles come together in a smoky, dim room where all that matters is the feel of their flesh pressed against each other. The studs go slow, taking time to enjoy every inch of sweaty skin the other has to offer. After licking and exploring every bit of hard body that Sergeant has to offer, Skyy gets on his knees in front of the extra hung stud.”

sergeant miles fucks skyy knoxBoth Skyy and Sergeant are really in their element here. Sergeant has usurped total control and that is just what Skyy, judging his leaking cock, seems to crave. Skyy manages to deep throat Sergeant’s cock as Sergeant returns the favor while they swing through the air. It sounds like a gimmick. In reality, it’s as seamless as it is unexpected.

sergeant miles fucks skyy knoxAfter this, the phrase “back that ass up” is one you will never look at quite the same again.

sergeant miles fucks skyy knoxThere is no reprieve for Skyy today. Sergeant doesn’t just fuck him, he manhandles every inch of his fuck boy during every minute of every position.

sergeant miles fucks skyy knoxThe expert pounding left Skyy with a solid gape and soon, a puddle of cum on his etched, sweaty abs. Then, Sergeant pulls out unloads his heavy artillery that leaves Skyy dripping and them both very, very satisfied.

[Watch Skyy & Sergeant in “Get LIT” scene three from Hot House]

Not sure if I will try this at home but I was pretty impressed with how Skyy & Sergeant handled this. What did you think?


1 thought on “Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Sleaze”

  1. All I see when I look at Sergeant Miles are his hideous tattoos: They overwhelm a handsome face, beautiful muscles and otherwise masculine appeal. To each his own, but I cannot watch his scenes.

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