seth santoro fucks beaux banks

The Hair Of The Dog

There’s plenty of hair today. And in the right places. But with Beaux Banks hot on Seth Santoro’s bone, there’s not a dog in the house. But out on the yard, let the sex pips play.

Seth Santoro with his new and uber sexy scruff is a whole new man. Or as in the case today, a new hole master.

And when it came to sex pups, he sure got the pick of the litter: Beaux Banks.

Beaux Banks has been 2017’s gay porn gift that keeps on giving. Like with Skyy Knox last time, Beaux’s ability to stay in character, look hot in the gear du jour and deliver a performance that delivers the goods is nothing short of astounding.

seth santoro fucks beaux banks“It’s time to give the dog a bath and Seth Santoro takes pup Beaux Banks into the yard on a leash to get the job done. With a little coaxing, Beaux hops in the water and soon finds that the experience of getting scrubbed down is amazing. Seth washes every inch of his pup, which gets Beaux horned up and ready for more than just a bath.”

seth santoro fucks beaux banksSorta makes you double guess skipping that free dog grooming class.

seth santoro fucks beaux banksPerhaps feeding the dog isn’t such a chore after all?

But when your personal sex pup is likes of Beaux Banks, then going to dogs really means you are cumming out on top. Woof!

[Watch Beaux & Seth in “Skuff: Dog House” scene three at Hot House]

Beaux Banks is all kinds of sexy, Even here. Who is your favorite newcomer this year?

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