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Soaking Seth

Seth Santoro sent Jacob Durham a pic of his blinking hole with the caption “get a load of this.” In the end, it was Seth that got the load.

Technology made the connection but human nature provides the erections. And the facials. And the cum blasts.

First, we saw it with Falcon Studios Group exclusive (FSGe) JJ Knight and Alex Gray. Then it was between FSGe Brent Corrigan and Ian Greene. Last week it was FSGe Ryan Rose and Austin Carter.

Today, the jizz detonation is between Jacob Durham and Seth Santoro as “Hook’d” from Falcon cums to a close.

seth santoro jacob durham facial falconWe looked at Dante Martin’s super soaker loads yesterday. We’ve seen JJ Knight is vying for that title after leaving Seth’s face looking like he took a dive into a gallon of ice cream in “Into the Blue”. There must be something about his cheeks to do that to man. Today they do it Jacob Durham in his very first Falcon scene. Make that his first Falcon shoot – shoot being the operative word.

seth santoro jacob durham facial falconAs soon as Jacob and Seth came across each others’ profiles, it was the right swipe at the right time. An XXX video show between them has Seth coming over to get some of Jacob’s dick. As for what Jacob was after, he let that be known by putting his finger right on it.

seth santoro jacob durham facial falconA 69 turned rimsky-nine led to Jacob putting his tongue where his finger had been. With Seth’s hole slicked and his ass lips winking, “fill me,” Jacob thrusts his cock inside and starts pounding.

seth santoro jacob durham facial falconOnce Seth starts riding, the head of Jacob’s cock in that perfect spot makes Seth shoot a thick load all over his thigh. Then Jacob blasts a series of massive jets across Seth’s face then uses Seth’s mouth to lick the mess up. And considering the amount of sperm that had to be cleaned up, it took a while. No wonder they got “Hook’d”.

[Watch Seth Santoro & Jacob Durham in “Hook’d” scene five from Falcon]

1 thought on “Soaking Seth”

  1. Oh my, quite a fan of this scene and how Jacob Durham has matured. I can’t wait to see how hot he’ll become when he’s a daddy.

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