Sexy Fucker Beaux Matthews Owns Beefy Muscle Bottom Kyle Denton

Chances are the name Beaux Matthews is new to you, but I’m praying that his RandyBlue debut leads to more work at bigger studios over the next year. Cause would you just look at this hairy hunk?!

Beaux has done some sporadic work since 2019, most of it clip-site work save for a few ChaosMen scenes, one Treasure Island scene and one SayUncle scene. I’m not sure why he has deprived us of his handsomeness, but at least we can now enjoy him as he takes control of beefy stud Kyle Denton—a 2023 newcomer who we have seen bottom (watch him get destroyed by Dom King) and top (thank you, Cody Seiya!). Check out the eyes, smiles and fuzzy chests on these two stunners…

Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin

Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin

Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin

Beaux immediately embraces the dom daddy role, and Kyle loves being a muscle sub—so this duo is a match made in heaven. Beaux fingers that big ass, then drills Kyle’s mouth in a hot face fuck where the sub bends his head over the edge of the bed (Beaux thrusting his dick all the way in). The dom then sucks Kyle back in a hot 69 and slurps on his hole.

Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin

Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin

Beaux Matthews, Kyle Dentin

Beaux then fucks Kyle doggy (the bottom repeatedly calling him “daddy”), gripping him by the neck and dirty talking into his ear in a smoldering sequence. He pins the bottom to the bed, and we get a great shot of Beaux’s bubble butt and hot hole from behind as he plows away (his beard once again grazing the back of the bottom’s neck). Kyle then gets on his back, the two taking turns jacking his meaty boner as he gets fucked—Beaux’s hot body glistening with sweat. (Plus, Kyle’s biceps…hello!)

I love this duo, and I love both of these men…what a nice surprise! More of Beaux and Kyle, please!

See the full scene at RandyBlue!


6 thoughts on “Sexy Fucker Beaux Matthews Owns Beefy Muscle Bottom Kyle Denton”

  1. I love pretty boy and beefy/muscular Kyle Denton especially when he’s getting taken to pound town by a hung hot scene partner.

  2. Please give us more of Kyle Denton and Beaux Matthews, the new superstars !
    They are both handsome, hairy, and sexy.

  3. In the 1980s there was a gay porn star named Beau (without the x) Matthews. This guy is hot but I preferred Beau, who was clean-shaven. He and Michael Christopher worked together a few times and made a scorching hot team.

  4. I love porn, too much really, and I don’t judge sex work as wrong or less than, and I know this is all on me, but it frustrates me (gets my goat) that Beaux Matthews “gave up” on legitimate theater and acting.

    Hell, I gave up too, but “Beaux” had real successes as an actor. The dude is gorgeous, his singing voice is fantastic. I well know that the struggle to make a living is something most actors have to contend with and at some point have to decide that if they cannot make it as an actor, it is time to earn a real living elsewhere. It is disappointing is that once one turns to porn, there isn’t any turning back. Porn is a wall you put up, and other than regional, I don’t believe it’s ever going to be possible to try acting again. Oh well.

    Regardless of my frustration for him, I hope he is genuinely content and thriving!

    1. I’d like to know more about Beaux’ legit career. Under what name did he work? How do you come by this info?

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