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Sexy Fucker Dom King Signs as Exclusive

Well I didn’t see this one coming, but it was probably inevitable: Dom King, one of the most popular newcomers of the last year, has signed on as an exclusive at—the studio where he made his first scene.

Dom is not only one of my favorite newcomers, he’s one of my favorite performers—and I’m pretty confident in saying that he will go down as one of my all-time favorites. Every single thing about this man is stunning, from every part of his body (the pecs, the cock, the hair) to every part of persona and attitude. He’s an in-charge hung alpha who will also suck dick, so he’s pretty damn perfect in my book.

Dom King Dom King

“I’m really excited to join the family,” King said. “I have always wanted to work in this industry but had never thought of myself in front of the camera. Now, I am able to live out mine and everybody else’s fantasies.”

Dom King Dom King

The hunk made his first studio appearance a year ago in “It’s About Dom Time” at, and then hit the ground running, racking up many scenes equally divided among Men, CockyBoys and Lucas Entertainment (and a hot scene at RandyBlue!). Already at Men, he’s pounded the likes of Johnny Donovan, Trevor Brooks (twice!), Sam Ledger, Clark Reid and more.

Dom King Dom King

“I was originally not interested in the acting and production side of things. But now, it’s my favorite part. gives me that creative outlet I have been looking for,” he noted. “I know that teaming up with will take my career to the next level. I am just getting started!”

Dom King Dom King

I’m thrilled that we get to see more of Dom, because I will never get enough of him. Would be my first choice for him? Probably not, only because I fear he’ll be stuck in silly scenes and not given enough of an outlet to be more sultry and serious (a side that we got to see at CockyBoys and Lucas). But I guess who cares, because even when we have to endure the hi-jinks, seeing Dom in action is a thing of beauty (the visual of him with gorgeous Bruce Jones in a handyman scene at Men is scorching, one of my favorite Dom scenes).

Dom King Dom King

Please,…let Dom be serious in a few scenes! (And congrats to Dom…well deserved!)

See Dom at!

11 thoughts on “Sexy Fucker Dom King Signs as Exclusive”

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    Probiller is their payment processor. They do Brazzers etc. They must want to RIP OFF THE FAGS!!

  2. Probably the worst site to park his prodigious schlong and sheer beauty. Guess I’ll wait until he comes to his senses before I waste a dime at the porn industry’s leading snoozesite.


    dom king is an awesome car sales man i would buy anything from him and gladly give up my semen for him to breed me

  4. Dom King deserved it. Gorgeous and with nice personality. He is funny, articulate and sexy. He even has verbal fluency to be spokesperson for the brand.

  5. Again. In this day and age. Why are exclusives still a thing? It’s makes no sense for exposure or clout.

    Men especially is not the marketing machine it was in 2013.

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