Shane Cook, Brandon Anderson

Shane Cook & Brandon Anderson’s Kissing Pushups Are the Cutest Thing Ever

My porn-muddled brain can’t quickly recall a pairing between Shane Cook and Brandon Anderson before. And even if they have fucked already, this duo is long overdue for another round. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing a scene each week pairing these two gorgeous jocks.

When you combine Brandon’s mischievous grin and bubble butt (that hot-as-fuck tan line makes me drool!) with Shane’s big pecs and even bigger dick (even more drooling!), you have magic. And half of the fun in this scene is the workout footage of these two, which includes side-by-side sit-ups, ass-to-face squats, barbell grinding and the aforementioned alternating push-up kisses (so fucking adorable!). I mean, how fucking gorgeous are these two…

Shane Cook, Brandon Anderson

Shane Cook, Brandon Anderson

Then the gym and locker room lust continues as the two take turns sucking each other’s knobs, which includes Shane’s hot slurp of Brandon’s boner, the alpha going down nice and deep in a great profile shot (and check out Brandon’s fuzzy legs!). Brandon also gets his mouth stretched wide as he gobbles up Shane’s girthy cock.

Shane Cook, Brandon Anderson Shane Cook, Brandon Anderson

Brandon braces himself against the lockers as he gets his hole munched and fucked from behind, then lays back on the bench to get a harder workout from Shane’s pole (the overhead shots looking down on the bottom’s tight bod and hard cock are delicious).

Shane Cook, Brandon Anderson Shane Cook, Brandon Anderson

This pairing is so handsome it hurts my eyes, and shame on Next Door for not having stronger stills to compliment these two cuties. Can we please see these two again soon?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


11 thoughts on “Shane Cook & Brandon Anderson’s Kissing Pushups Are the Cutest Thing Ever”

  1. About time they got some good looking guys that aren’t covered from head to toe in tats. A few are hot too many yuck. These guys are hot!

  2. Shane and handsome Brandon are two of my favorite PORN STARS. Shane knows just how to cook his bottom and leave him well done.

  3. I got a feeling it is only a matter of time before the top Shane goes down. Seeing how he loves his ass licked and fingered. If I had a choice on who it would be, it would be a flip flop with once fucked Colton Reece or Jayden Marcos.

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