Shane Cook & His Thick Dick Stuff Hungry Tristan Hunter

Studly Shane Cook is one of those performers who just pushes my buttons (and pushes them hard). Whether it’s his matinee idol good looks, his hot pecs or that gorgeous girthy cock, I just can’t get enough of him.

He also has that deep voice, and when he looks into the camera right at us and says “I love the way you suck my cock,” I just about pass out. I’d like to think he’s talking just to me (cause he WOULD like the way I sucked his cock!), but instead he’s really talking to Tristan Hunter, who is on his knees slurping away. But first, can we just appreciate how cute Shane looks in his coconut shirt?!

Shane Cook Shane Cook

Shane Cook, Tristan Hunter Shane Cook, Tristan Hunter

Shane and Tristan start the scene outside, rubbing their bulges together before they swap sucks. Shane gives great head to Tristan’s hot rod, although I wish Tristan used a little less hand when he gulps on Shane’s thick piece (don’t block that shaft!). But Tristan does a better job polishing it when they move inside (the profile shots of that schlong are yum), where Shane also slurps on the smoothie’s hole before fucking him.

Shane Cook, Tristan Hunter

Shane Cook, Tristan Hunter Shane Cook, Tristan Hunter

One of Tristan’s best traits as a performer is staying stiff as he gets fucked (remember that iconic riding of Cade Maddox’s big dick?!), and here is no exception. His cock is especially plump when he gets on his back to get pounded (in a few positions on the couch), jacking it at the same time in my favorite sequence here.

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8 thoughts on “Shane Cook & His Thick Dick Stuff Hungry Tristan Hunter”

  1. I love that Shane is a total top. I want him to put his thick skewer in me and Cook me until I’m well done.

        1. Tristan isn’t old enough to be considered daddy so I agree but I think he may enter that territory within a couple years. He is 30 years old and I noticed he’s already starting to age fast with crows feet and textured skin. I think he should lay off the sun for a while.

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