Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok

Sharok Celebrates CockyBoys Debut By DP-ing Austin Avery with Brock Banks

In a scene directed by model Tayte Hanson, we also get spit roasting, deep throating, a facial and a monster load that flies over Austin—plus a great opening interview that shows how close and amazing these three are!

Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok

This 40-minute scene opens with a great interview, where Sharok and Brock Banks share their experiences supporting the BLM movement during summer protests. Sharok talks about the horrible violence he suffered (and that we reported on) due to anti-protest protestors, and about being part of demonstrations along with other performers. Those moving stories also address the pandemic and how the three have become close as friends in real life.

Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok

After the opener, Austin Avery joins Brock to make out with him in the shower and soon after follows him to the bedroom where Brock’s hard cock awaits him. Austin easily gulps it to the root, Brock moaning “Good boy!” as he looks down at him. I LOVE the sounds Austin makes as he sucks, and it also impresses Brock: “Somebody’s hungry!”

Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok

Sharok jacks off while listening in the next room, then has to check in when they get louder as Austin starts riding Brock’s cock. The shot that shows off Austin’s smooth backside as he sits on the top in the chair—the bottom’s big boner bouncing off Brock’s stomach—are hot as fuck. And I love  how Brock stares at him and whispers “Take that dick!” As they shared in the opener, you can tell he cares about Austin as he fucks him, and it shows.

Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok

Austin happily greets Sharok by sucking while continuing to ride Brock. But Sharok wants more, and soon he’s drilling Austin as he lies against Brock, the bottom moaning like crazy—and Sharok kissing both of them as he thrusts in. Sharok picks up Austin, lies him on the bed and deep-fucks him on his back while sucking his feet. Brock soon goes from watching to climbing on top of Austin to face-fuck him while getting rimmed by Sharok, Austin gulping and moaning as he gets throat fucked.

Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok

Brock soon moves in and gives Austin a taste of double-penetration before sitting back to watch…but not for long. Brock flips Austin on his back so he and Sharok can DP him. They then take turns pounding Austin, the hottest sequence having Sharok jack Austin’s big dick as he fucks him. Austin rests his foot on the top’s chest and grabs his other pec with his hand, clearly smitten with Sharok. “You’re gonna make me come!” moans Austin. “Come, baby!” coos Sharok, who jacks a huge load out of Austin that fires all over the bottom’s tight bod.

Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok

Austin then gets a facial from Brock and gets rimmed again by Sharok, who goes over the edge and shoots a thick load on his stomach. Very hot scene!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


3 thoughts on “Sharok Celebrates CockyBoys Debut By DP-ing Austin Avery with Brock Banks”

  1. I applaud Mr. Banks for his actions in the BLM movement but I lost my attraction to both Sharok and Mr. Banks after seeing them both having vaginal sex. It messed the allure up completely.

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