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Five Holes Later, Sean Finally Delivers a Stiff One

Sean Cody Shaw is built like a statute but had a dick like a noodle. In “Dean & Shaw: Bareback” today, Shaw has been replaced by his doppelganger who gets hard, stay hard, and fucks hard.

”I’ve never orgasmed like that in my life!” is what Shaw said to Tanner after bottoming for the first time earlier this month. This is his first scene since. While being able to maintain a turgidly stiff dick is the first ingredient for a top, he definitely seems to have learned a thing or two from being on the bottom. Dean’s gaping hole will second that.

shaw from sean cody
Though Shaw didn’t need much fluffing today, Dean seemed pretty eager to taste Shaw at the start. Shaw also demonstrated another new skill: he’s learned how to eat an ass. Kissing was missing in action today but the lust was there in full force.

shaw from sean cody
In March, Shaw crossed rimming, sucking, and breeding from his bucket list thanks to Cole. Then Tanner took his cherry. Despite making Curtis cum three times, what Shaw had yet to do was deliver a solid fucking. Last time we saw Dean, Robbie’s big dick reduced him to a hungry little pig. Today, Shaw makes him oink.

shaw from sean cody
Say what you want about their native sexuality and paychecks for the scene, hard cocks don’t lie. Check out that hands-free throbber on Dean while Shaw pounds away. Now if someone will just put a muzzle on Dean, we’ll really have something.

shaw from sean cody
That blast you see above is only from the first set of cumshots. The second time they nut is even more explosive. Dean covers the bed with a massive white puddle while Shaw’s load is still leaking from his ass.

[Watch “Dean & Shaw: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

Do you like Shaw better as a top or bottom?

3 thoughts on “Five Holes Later, Sean Finally Delivers a Stiff One”

    1. Actually, Hugh. There’s been a lot of bad Sean Cody scenes lately & Shaw’s wood issue have been pretty rampant. It’s more a sign of the times that a hard dick and a decent scene warranted a full write-up.

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