shawn mendes nude pics

#CelebrityCock: Is This What’s Under Shawn Mendes’ Maple Leaf?

The Canadian heartthrob has two hit singles & will host SNL tomorrow night. That’s in addition to a set of chiseled abs and allegedly, a pretty tasty looking hidden talent.

Shawn Mendes topped the charts with “Stitches” and “Treat You Better”. In his recent interview with Flaunt, they wrote, “a tender-voiced, albeit outspoken, peach-fuzzed cat of 18 who rocketed to fame after posting to the Vine social media platform short looping videos of himself singing. Three years, he’s releasing his latest record, Illuminate.

shawn mendes nude picsshawn mendes nude pics

And Speaking of Flaunt

shawn mendes nude picsshawn mendes nude picsShawn also displayed his stylish side in a shoot for L’Uomo Vogue.

But allegedly, as our #CelebrityCock partners at Cocktails & CockTalk unearthed …

Perhaps his biggest hit is really between his legs.

To see how all of your favorite celebs measure up …

3 thoughts on “#CelebrityCock: Is This What’s Under Shawn Mendes’ Maple Leaf?”

  1. Let’s face it; we love our dicks! At least most of us do and the urge, desire, compulsion (for some) to show them off comes (or cums) with the territory! As I mentioned in an earlier post about the Brazilian gymnasts who were supposedly ‘caught’ masturbating, when you have an in shape body and a nice piece between your legs, you sometimes get possessed by the ‘peacock syndrome’; an almost uncontrollable desire to show off your jewels! By the way, I reject the term ‘junk’ to refer to the male genitalia! Junk by definition is something useless, of no value! That certainly does not apply to our beautiful genitalia that is not only the epicenter of male sexual pleasure but is the ‘ignition key of life’ if you will! I suspect there are a lot of celebrities and athletes who would love to show wears to the world but hesitate due to what such an act might have on their livelihood and income! The digital age makes it easy to photograph or record yourself during your moments of sexual arousal! The cellcam (a mobile phone with a camera and not the other way around) gives us all the opportunity to capture those aroused moments, that should be personal and private, and share them with whomever we please providing the recipients are agreeable! The obvious problem with that is the possibility of such material getting out of your control and going super public or viral most likely against your will! When something enters cyberspace, it’s very hard to maintain control of it if at all! I’ve seen pictures of major athletes in highly suggestive photos that stop short of full exposure but they leave a very clear impression! I suspect this current generation is not as ‘up tight’ as those generations that preceded them. I’m a baby boomer; we got the ball(s) rolling and the next gen took up the mantle and ran with it! I never thought I would see a Black president or gay people getting legally married! We must, however, keep our eyes out for the ‘trump-stops’ in the road! Like a pothole, they can throw us off course but if we keep our goals in mind, face forward and step by step, we’ll continue to move onward!

    1. How did some vaguely rando’s dick pic turn into a political tirade? These people aren’t bright bulbs, they click, I look and judge then move on with my day.

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