Sienna Splash Drops Domestic Violence Charge Against Cliff Jensen

As expected and reported here last night, Sienna Splash has dropped the “corporal injury to a spouse” charge against her gay porn star boyfriend Cliff Jensen, but the legal troubles for Jensen are far from over. Tomorrow morning, he could be extradited to Florida (where’s he a fugitive from justice) to face more charges. Does this mean Cliff Jensen’s gay porn career is over? Given his outstanding criminal record, shouldn’t Cliff Jensen’s gay porn career have been over–or at least put on hold–a long time ago?

At what point do the people who keep hiring Cliff Jensen stop to consider that maybe hiring someone with a well known, well documented, and very much unresolved criminal record actually helps him to make a bigger mess of his life and dig himself into a deeper hole? Even if you don’t care about Cliff Jensen or any of your models, do you not care about the liability present in putting a wanted criminal on your set? What if he had warrants for his arrest in two states instead of just one, or what if the Florida warrant had been for a violent crime? What would it have taken for one of the dozens of studios that hired Cliff Jensen to not have hired him? Surely there are other gay porn stars–who might even happen to be actually gay–without legal troubles who are willing to work. But enabling a straight guy with a big dick and an arrest warrant is just too hard to resist, I guess.

Cliff Jensen is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning. Here’s a video from his YouTube channel.




33 thoughts on “Sienna Splash Drops Domestic Violence Charge Against Cliff Jensen”

  1. If I see one more comment anywhere referring to the victim of this incident as “that hoe” — I’m simply going to lose my shit. :(

    1. Just because she charged first doesn’t mean she’s the victim…anyways I agree it’s annoying when female performers are called hoes and male models are referred to as,well male models.
      they both seem to be equally fucked up thou.I honestly feel sorry for these people,their lives are so fucked it’s not even funny anymore,just plain sad.

  2. A number of states have law against using allegations of criminality against job applicants and against using past convictions against job applicants (in certain instances). There is currently law being proposed to prevent companies from refusing to consider people who are unemployed for jobs. However, in all of these cases, people are still being locked out of the job market because they have records, because they are unemployed or for various other bullshit reasons.

    Unless someone is being hired for a full time “permanent” position, I know of very few companies that do background checks on one time / periodic service providers / “consultants” that are paid on a 1099 basis or in cash.

    The issue of a large underclass locked out of the workplace is in the news right now because of riots in the UK and Philadelphia. So, the “discussion” turns to what to do you all of these people you have locked out of the job market and otherwise branded in such a way that they are unemployable and have no hope? California is now in the position where it can’t even afford to legally jail all of the people it has locked out of the system. What do you do with them? Of course, history has shown what assholes do when they have a brutalized underclass that they don’t want to be bothered with.

  3. First, some accounts suggest the criminal charges began with youthful hi-jinx and snowballed in the “justice” system. The original charge was theft of a motor vehicle. Some stories I have read say the motor vehicle was a golf cart which was used to disrupt some event on the golf course. Even if it was a car, some not especially enlightened jurisdictions provide a lesser charge of “unauthorized use” precisely to avoid putting a felony on a young person’s record. Whatever, the original offense was aggravated by a charge of pot smoking (Horrors!) while on probation. When he left the state, that snowballed to fugitive charges. This looks more like a string of bad luck than a harden criminal history.

    The domestic violence charge, although it seems it will be dropped, is much more concerning than anything that came before. But it does not seem to be a likely progression from the stuff that came before. Now it is a fact of recent history that when such incidents have occurred between a gay male model and his gay male (usually also a model) domestic squeeze, it hasn’t caused a big glitch in the alleged perpetrator’s career. Is the difference in this case that the alleged victim is a female model and the alleged perpetrator is gay-for-pay or buy-sexual? Hmm…

    He was working in the industry because he was good looking and had a big cock. There’s no mystery to that. So, what level of criminality should disqualify someone from working as a model? I can think of a list of charges that should fairly automatically keep someone out of the industry. But juvenile joy-riding and pot smoking are not on the list.

    1. I’m guessing there is far more to the story then just smoking pot and stealing a golf cart. Legally since he fled the state he would be classified as a fugitive. His attitude about it and the fact that he recorded those thoughts through twitter and on video was stupidity at its worst and no doubt hurt his pleas for leniency.

      I guess the simple answer is that they (the studios,companies, and some agents) just don’t care. There have been numerous guys that have shown up and done scenes that are obviously in trouble with drugs and not a peep or a sliver of concern from anyone they were working with. These guys are a commodity that are used for a increasingly brief period of time and cast aside for another model. That is pretty much how it has always been in this industry.

      Look at Sebastian Young, he was convicted of beating an elderly person and Cockyboys still continued to use him, or the two Next Door Male performers who died when they were stripping with Tommy D in Montreal. One of their mothers had no clue that her son was doing porn and begged Next Door not to release his scenes, she was ignored. Or look at the low rent company that is looking to make a profit off of Jason Andrews (Sean Cody’s Addison) and is girlfriends murdering someone with a hammer. It’s always been like this, the same company that put out the Pamela Anderson porn video also put out the Dana Plato death video.

        1. if you google it it will come out…you’ll find out all the info about this accident(?) and how badly it was handled in regards of the victims families.

          1. Weird. I’ve tried a bunch of different searches but couldn’t find anything. Do you know the names of the guys?

          2. Thanks. I remembered seeing that that one guy died. I just didn’t realize it was so suspicious. I can’t remember what his stage name was though.

          3. I’m not sure how Mark Kraynak’s story fits into any argument here except to highlight the fact gay adult is one of the occupations of last resort for a lot of people who are otherwise unable to find work. Kraynak was an honorably discharged soldier who was wounded in the military and his options on discharge were limited even without a criminal record. Kraynak worked for Activeduty (he is on the cover of one video) before doing work for NDS and sg4ge. Kraynak’s work under the name “Nick” continues to pop up today on blogs because a lot of people fail to realize that “that new teaser” is actually work done by a guy who’s been dead for several years.

          4. This episode has not being brought up to put a shade on the two models who died or diminish them in any way,it was just an example of how ruthless and shady porn companies can be and how little regard they can sometimes show towards the models they hire.In this case a scene with a young man who died in such a way was still being sold despite a mother(who was not aware of her son porn career) plea not to.

    1. Further to your Stall Wall link mk2:

      In fairness, Conner Habib’s wish list only has one knife block whereas Cliff Jensen and Anthony Romero wanted a whole range of knives. Anthony also wanted a book called “How to Commit Murder and Make It Legal!” and I don’t know what that’s about being as it’s unavailable from Amazon and google’s drawing a blank. I guess it could be an anti-abortion book or something.

      Maybe porn stars wanting lots of knives shouldn’t be too alarming being as they’re so adept at turning strange household objects into weapons anyway.

      1. Oh, cute. This is how my Amazon “Customers Who Bought Items in Your Recent History Also Bought” section is looking right now. I don’t even have the faintest interest in knives.

        Full Tang Ninja Sword Ti-Treated Black
        Maxam® Hunting Knife
        Set 3 Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives with…
        12 Piece Black & Silver Ninja Kunai Throwing Kn…
        Military Warrior Tanto Point Stealth Trench Knife
        Ninja Throwers Pro Stars set of 4 with Carry Case
        Iron Reaver Finger Claw-Blackend Silver
        Dark Assassin Dagger w/ Sheath
        15 Inch Jungle Master Hunting Knife
        Draco Twin Fantasy Dagger Set Silver
        2pc Ninja Hand Claw Climbing Tigers Spikes
        Trademark Twin Ninja Set – Two Swords – One Sheath
        2pc Ninja Climbing Foot Spikes Set Claws Tree W…
        Set 3 Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives with…
        Double Ninja Swords with Sheath
        Black Ninja Folding Grappling Hook W/ 33 Foot Rope
        Alien Warrior Fantasy Battle Axe w/ Dagger & Pl…
        Dragon Samurai Sword Set
        Ninja Utility Belt
        Set of 5 Ninja Throwing Spikes with Wrist Sheath
        Twin Ninja Sword Set
        M-Tech Folding Knife Stiletto Black
        Target Board for Throwing Knives
        27″ Dual Double Full Tang Blade Black Ninja Swo…
        M-Tech Folding Knife Stiletto Pocket Pearl Gray
        B13 MC1026 Iron Reaver Claw
        11 1 / 4″ Hunting Knive with Fire Starter
        Ridge Runner 12 Piece Tornado Throwing Knives

  4. Zach (sword writer ),Niles ,JByrd,T-Bird and nihuixnhuix– I agree with all of you and your points . despite cliff’s mistake of having that hoe of a gf and hitting her,of course his legal troubles are far from over. his luck with evading the cops ran out and he was becoming too arrogant about everything .of course ,we can question the studios for hiring cliff and flying him location to location , but then we’d be giving these studios ,agencies ,and managers the benefit of the doubt by assuming they’re rational people ,which in general(regardless of cliff and his drama ),they are not.

    agree with Niles–do a background check on a number of these models . I doubt many of them have clean records /good reputations . Porn studios and agents will hire anybody as long as they look good and kiss their asses. And like JByrd said ,once these models become too hard to handle by either getting caught up in their drama (like cliff) or refusing to kiss their agent’s ass anymore–the agent, the studios, AND their fellow model “buddies ” completely turn their backs on them and act like they don’t know the person anymore . that’s how fake and superficial the industry and it’s people are. During times like this ,you really see how ugly (in character ) people are.

  5. All of this makes the publicity stunt that introduced him to the rest of us (the Austin Wilde “relationship”) look even weirder than it did in the first place.
    And I don’t dare imagine what a day or a conversation between those two (him and Sienna) must have been like before all of this. There really are some sad, sad, sad lives out there.

  6. Is there anyone who didn’t see this coming? I quit following him the minute he started bragging aboout being on the run and breaking the law.
    All of the studios he worked with knew exactly who they were getting, but since he had a nice body and dick, they simply ignored it.
    He WILL go to prison,no doubt about it. And he will have nobody but himself to blame.

  7. He’s actually lucky he’s headed back to prison before he ends up like that other g-for-p porn model and his blond girl: both charged with murder. By now, surely convicted, too. Remember some john hired her and they thought it would be neat to murder him. I think it was pre-twitter but they were still messaging each other: “Oh baby, is he there yet? I’m gonna bang you so hard after!”

  8. “Even if you don’t care about Cliff Jensen or any of your models, do you not care about the liability present in putting a wanted criminal on your set?” Very good analysis Zach. Normally I don’t post on these blogs but I was thinking the very same thing earlier. Now that Cliff is in trouble, where is NDS, where is ASG to help him out in anyway that they possibly could. I mean I know he was making money and probably toking it down his throat more than taking care of his responsibilities, but it just seems like to me that once these “models” don’t fit the build anymore or if they fall into some type of hardship of any kingd, all of a sudden it becomes “How do I know you again?” Now I’m not taking up for Cliff at all because he himself knew what the conseqences were if he were to ever get caught, all I’m basically saying is that if Jake Cruise, Doug DeLong, or whoever else he’s worked for cared enough about him when their old pathetic asses where having wet dreams and lusting over him when he was stark naked in front of them, then they sure as hell can show that they care just as much about him and all their models when they are fully clothed!

    1. NDS doesnt give a shit about their models, beyond “how much money can we get out of them”. The minute the model has a legitimate need, Next Door will stop returning calls and answering their emails. Mason Wyler is a prime example of this.

  9. Oh, please. When did this site become Dragnet? Let’s have a background report and police record on all of the gay porn performers and hangers-on. I’m sure we would have some very interesting reading.

      1. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

        What do you know??? He doesn’t look like he is smoking salvia at all , posing like that for the camera…nope .
        And trust me I know the matter , I own a plant.

  10. I doubt the studios run a background check on the guys they hire due to the expense and it would probably disqualify a lot of potential hires. Not every guy who wants to do porn is going to have a pristine past.

    1. Cliff Jensen’s troubles were well know by everyone. He’s been tweeting about possibly going back to jail, violating probation, and needing a lawyer all year long. Several blogs published (before I did here) his past convictions and warrants. If a studio says they had no idea what was going on, they’re lying.

      1. If WE, the little people who don’t make porn, are aware of it then there’s no excuse for the people who are actually IN THE INDUSTRY to claim they have no idea and shouldn’t be expected to do due diligence.

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