Drake Von, Greyson Myles

Silas Brooks’ Twin Bro Drake Von & His Big Bushy Dick Make CockyBoys Debut

Don’t worry, we did a double take, too. That’s not hung Helix exclusive Silas Brooks getting his big twink cock slurped, it’s his twin brother Drake Von getting his big twink cock slurped. And the world is a better place for having these two gorgeous identical cocks in it.

While Silas has been making a name for himself at Helix, Drake has performed at a variety of smaller studios since joining the industry last year, including ChaosMen, SketchySex (where Silas also performed) and MilitaryClassified. Now the cutie (whose body is looking better than ever, by the way) takes a leap with his debut at a big studio, and he’s joined by 2022 newcomer Greyson Myles (whose ass is looking better than ever!).

Drake Von, Greyson Myles Drake Von, Greyson Myles

We get to know Drake a little better in a fun opening interview as he also frolics by the pool, then get into the action. Like his twin brother Silas, Drake has big hair and a big girthy traffic cone cock that gets even thicker at the base. That makes it a little challenging for cute Greyson to take it all in, but it sure is fun to watch him try.

Drake Von, Greyson Myles Drake Von, Greyson Myles

Drake then eats the bottom’s hole and teases it, making the sub suck him some more before fucking him. Greyson takes it from behind, at one point getting up on all fours and fucking himself on Drake’s cock. Drake fucks the bottom from the side, but also shows his caring side as he strokes and sucks Greyson.

Drake Von, Greyson Myles Drake Von, Greyson Myles

On his back, Greyson gets a load fucked out of him before Drake unloads over the bottom’s balls. What do you think of Drake at a bigger studio? I hope we get to see more of him with the benefit of better production values like this and watch how big he can grow (which is already pretty damn big!).

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


6 thoughts on “Silas Brooks’ Twin Bro Drake Von & His Big Bushy Dick Make CockyBoys Debut”

  1. Here I thought The Porn Star Formerly known as Baconator: Silas Brooks was an easy lay, I mean cheap ho, um… busy boy, (yeah that’s it) doing scenes under different names.
    Turns out the “Baconator Twins” have split the scenes 60-40, with Drake Von (formerly Drake Yuri) doing the fewer, low-budget G4P flicks. https://www.waybig.com/blog/tag/baconator-twins/

    Do yourself a favor, DO NOT look up scenes with them together, it ain’t pretty. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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