Colby Melvin, Michael Boston, Damien White

Silver Daddy Colby Melvin Celebrates Debut With a Cum Kiss

The year for Colby Melvin just keeps getting hotter. It seemed like an eternity before this model and former Andrew Christian underwear hunk—who had been teasing us for ages—finally took the plunge and started making his own porn last year, and then he took it a huge step further this year making a major studio debut. Colby showed off his hot bod in a fantastic spit roast of Beau Butler at Raging Stallion, then returned to the studio to fuck Jim Fit in the men’s room.

Now the salt-and-pepper stud is making a debut at another big studio, and once again he’s kicking it off with a yummy spit roast. The performer even gets the scene named after him (“Colby’s World”), and he’s joined by Michael Boston and Damien White—who get started without him.

Colby Melvin Michael Boston, Damien White

Michael is cheating on boyfriend Colby, and gets started by getting his mouth stretched wide feasting on Damien’s 8-and-a-half-inch beauty. I feel like we don’t talk enough about Damien…that cock is stunning, and my attention was focused on it whenever it was in frame (look at how big and juicy that beast is dangling over Michael’s face in the spit roast!).

Colby Melvin, Michael Boston, Damien White Colby Melvin, Michael Boston, Damien White

Colby comes home and hears the moans, whipping out his daddy dick and stroking it before joining in the fun. Michael sucks Colby, then gets dicked down by Damien, and then it’s Colby’s turn to fuck the bottom’s hole as Damien stuffs his mouth (watching these two stuff Michael at both ends is so hot!). Michael then rides Damien’s cock as Colby sucks him at the same time (love this!), the bottom finally taking two loads to the face as he strokes himself.

Colby Melvin, Michael Boston, Damien White

What do you think of Colby’s burgeoning porn career?

See the full scene at!


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