Simon Dexter Selling Gym Shorts On Ebay

Well, this is worthy of 50 words or so, right?

The porn star who hasn’t done porn in over a year but who, as “Harley,” will always be one of Sean Cody’s best porn stars forever–because, hello–has parlayed his porn past into a successful career as someone who everyone is waiting for to do porn again.

In the meantime, Simon Dexter’s workout shorts!

These are Vintage, pre-owned and frequently used by me workout shorts by Under Armour.  They are mediums and red, and were by far my favorite! I can also autograph them if special requested by winner or BUY IT NOW purchaser.

Enjoy ;)
Sim Dex

12 thoughts on “Simon Dexter Selling Gym Shorts On Ebay”

  1. Well….. we all know who he is so he is a gay porn celebrity at least. I’m a fan of his videos on Sean Cody but I have to say, and this is a true story: I saw him on the subway a few weeks ago in NY. Of course he was fully clothed so I couldn’t see the goods or his body, but there was absolutely nothing remarkable about his appearance in person. Had I not recognized him, I don’t think I would’ve even done a double take. He needs to stick to what he does best and have sex with men on film.

  2. So now he escorts…and he thinks he has a chance in hell to become a mainstream actor or model?! Are you crazy? NOBODY who does porn every becomes successful in Hollywood. C’mon, everyone knows that. Who are these guy fooling? I wish Simon success but people need to know that their choice to perform in porn absolutely affects future career choices. Duh.

  3. He’s hysterical to follow on Twitter. I think he might be bi-polar. One tweet he’ll make it sound like he’s some peaceful, centered Zen master… and the next will wreak of sad desperation. Then the next he’ll be trying to scrounge up $50.00 for a pair of used shorts.

    1. I’m going to guess he’s not getting those kind of rates or not getting many clients, hence the reason he is selling his used shorts on EBAY. Hopefully there are no skidmarks on these shorts (then again that might be a plus for some people).

  4. Does it come with jizz stains and stray pubes? And $15 for shipping, get the fuck out of here! I like Simon Dexter and all, but come on!

  5. I guess the underwear line isn’t progressing as quickly as he thought right? What about his mainstream acting career and his desire to be the next James Bond? Well at least he has gay porn’s favorite madame David Forest to fall back on.

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