Sir Peter, Adam Killian

Sir Peter Bottoms (!) For Adam Killian’s Big Dick

Oh what a glorious day! Is Sir Peter the best, or what?! A hung alpha top who is one of the most passionate performers around…and every so often he shows off his bottoming skills, with his big dick staying rock hard as he takes it. Bravo, Sir Peter! Bravo!

When last we saw the Sir bend over, it was on Christmas Eve when he and Tomas Brand flipped. And now he’s doing it again with an even bigger dick, as he and Adam Killian flip fuck in this Lucas Entertainment scene.

Sir Peter, Adam Killian Sir Peter, Adam Killian

In his 100+ studio scenes, this is (by my rough calculation) just the fifth time Sir Peter has bottomed (all of them flips). Can the rest of you total tops take note? This is how you do it!

Sir Peter, Adam Killian Sir Peter, Adam Killian

I love watching Adam try to stuff the Sir’s cock in his mouth, and soon the two take turns plowing each other in an A-list dream duo, highlighted by Adam stroking Sir Peter’s thick boner as he fucks him. What do you think of Sir Peter as a bottom?

Sir Peter, Adam Killian Sir Peter, Adam Killian

The studio inexplicably didn’t provide us a trailer file (yet!), but you can see the trailer and the full scene at Lucas Entertainment!

11 thoughts on “Sir Peter Bottoms (!) For Adam Killian’s Big Dick”

  1. Don´t be that bad guys! Adam is one of the icons of the gay porn all time. You would love to have his looks and performance at least for a couple days, just for bragging.

  2. How many cock rings does he have to wear to stay hard? I count 3!! And how many injections did he have… he’s so nasty

  3. Adam is a fucking mess and his dick is not big it is pumped and tied together with a string…fucking GROSS

  4. In one of his previous bottoming scenes Peter had some “growth” “down there”. Now I realise hemorrhoids or whatever are perfectly natural but porn is supposed to be an idealistic fantasy. Put me off him for life, sorry

    1. I’m not a huge Adam Killian fan, mostly because I don’t like his tats. However, all these accusations of him “Letting himself go” are really out of line. The man is 46 and peoples’ hair can turn gray in their mid 40s and things don’t stay quite as tight and firm as they used to be. That’s what happens when we ripen. Of course amongst most guys in the gay community under the age of 35, this just means anyone over 40 is basically dead.

    1. I’ll differ with you 100%, and all I saw was a much more mature looking, ruggedly handsome, Adam Killian, thank-you! “De gustibus non disputandum est.”

    2. I hate the tattoos and I don’t enjoy the facial hair, but otherwise Adam Killian is still a major stud!!!

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