Sir Peter, Felix Fox, Dean Young

Sir Peter Is As Excited As We Are Watching Felix Fox Fuck Dean Young

Bravo to whoever it was at that decided a nod to The Northman was a great fit for a gay porno homage. We get some beautiful cinematography and location shooting, some effective costumes and lots of viking machismo and (in this scene, at least) no annoying women. ( couldn’t resist in Part 1 of this series with a water wench…sigh).

Sadly, there’s no naked Alexander Skarsgård here, but we do get the next best things in Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Dean Young and Felix Fox. It’s one of those pairings I wasn’t expecting and had only dreamed about thus far, so seeing it come to reality is almost too much to handle. The other good/bad news? This scene also has Sir Peter (yay!), but he is relegated to a stroking voyeur role (boo!).

Felix Fox, Dean Young

That’s kind of tortuous…why have Sir Peter right there with these two bottoms and not go hog wild?! Can you image if they let the Sir manhandle Dean and Felix the way he dominated Lex Vargas and Steven Angel in that amazing threeway from last year?! I would have actually died from excitement. (Although I wonder if we might be seeing Dean take Sir Peter sometime very soon, thank God!)

Felix Fox, Dean Young Felix Fox, Dean Young

Still, what we get is fantastic…and it starts with getting to hear more of Dean’s accent as he gets some dialogue (every scene he is in should capitalize on this!). And it’s so hot to see Felix embrace his lesser-seen top side—and embrace is so damn hard (I have a feeling that Dean is one of those bottoms that has that effect on other bottom-leaning performers). Dean plays a servant gathering water for god Felix (sounds about right), and Norseman Sir Peter follows to watch what happens.

Felix Fox, Dean Young Felix Fox, Dean Young

Peter strokes his big dick as Dean sucks Felix’s thick cock, the twink then taking it from behind before sitting down on Felix (and staying rock hard as he rides, the hottest visual here), also getting held by the top in mid-air to get fucked before finally getting a facial. Can we get a Part 2 with Sir Peter joining in? Please?!

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5 thoughts on “Sir Peter Is As Excited As We Are Watching Felix Fox Fuck Dean Young”

  1. They should film a scene where Sir Peter has a harem made up of Lex Vargas, Felix Fox, Steven Angel, Austin Avery, Bastian Karim, Benjamin Blue and the beautiful Dean Young. Sir Peter could handle that collection of cock hungry bottoms.

  2. they make a fine pairing, but the top is a bottom too, anyhow the lack of hot kissing destroys the whole scene for me, i like some story as well but it should be the game of seduction only

  3. With these 2, they could come up with a incestuous scene. Where lil bro catches big bro jacking off and fucking his hole with a dildo. Little bro wants to try it and asks him how do you that? I could even think of the title “Caught By Little Brother- A Bad Influence”.

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