Sir Peter and Rhyheim in The Main Event Falcon naked Sword

Sir Peter and Rhyheim’s Flip Fuck in ‘The Main Event’ Is So Hot, It Needs 2 Parts

I had a sex dream (it happens a lot) in which two absolute hunks go to town on one another. And then I woke up to a different kind of release: Sir Peter and Rhyheim Shabazz (who definitely qualify as absolute hunks) finally teamed up for their first project together. Even better, they take turns filling each other’s mouths and holes with those mesmerizing cocks.

Filmed in Barcelona and directed by Trenton Ducati and Ryan Brian, new NakedSword original Sir Peter and Rhyheim: The Main Event is now streaming Part 1 exclusively on (Part 2 comes July 5, which gives us a reason to bail on all of our holiday weekend plans.) 

Sir Peter Rhyheim The Main Event scene flip fuck

Like a lot of great sex, theirs starts with a massage. Making it even hotter, both figuratively and literally, that massage begins poolside as Sir Peter rubs oil all over Rhyheim before they eventually strip down to swap blowjobs and rim jobs. The cock-in-hole stuff all comes July 5, and we’re already edged up.

Sir Peter Rhyheim The Main Event scene flip fuck Sir Peter Rhyheim The Main Event scene flip fuck Sir Peter Rhyheim The Main Event scene flip fuck

Even beyond the gorgeous scenery and the even more gorgeous men, this is the rare opportunity to watch two studs at the top of their fuck game absolutely relishing the chance to work together. We live for sizzling chemistry (and we don’t always get it in the porn we watch), and this is the real deal. It’s basically the porn equivalent of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro starring in a movie together, except I’m going to enjoy this a lot more, and I rarely (if ever) reach for the Albolene for those two. At least not in a few decades.

Have you already watched it? More importantly, how many times have you already jacked off to it?

15 thoughts on “Sir Peter and Rhyheim’s Flip Fuck in ‘The Main Event’ Is So Hot, It Needs 2 Parts”

  1. art porn…, and sexy…hard as rock….nice camera work…you think, you are standing in the middle and play the voyeur…

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Really thinks he is god gift to the porn world. Please- with those skinny legs and constant dick lip poses, he should be working in a cave.

      1. I could not agree more!! Rhyheim is really the WORST!! But… on the flip side… Sir Peter is the best. It’s too bad he agreed to do a scene with chicken legs Rhyheim These 2 should not be anywhere near each other.

        1. Sir Peter does not have any sex appeal he does the same thing and it’s boring also weird face and jaw and that hair is barely hanging onto his scalp

    2. Sir Peter is so fake when he tries to act masculine…it is all phoney and his dick is OK clearly taking ED medication

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