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Six Yoga Fuck Videos You Need To Watch Right Now

Are you stretched out and ready to get into some truly compromising positions? Good, because we’re already in the downward-facing dog pose and ready to list off some of our favorite yoga gay porn scenes!

These videos all feature some of our favorite porn hunks stretching it out for the camera and getting it on while utilizing a yoga mat. You and your hard cock are sure to work up a sweat while watching these boys get into some shockingly nasty poses with their perverted yoga instructors.

Take a look at the list below, check out the full videos on their respective sites, and be sure to list off your all-time favorite yoga position and yoga-themed porno down in the comments!

1. Power Yoga Part 2

Featuring: Jack Hunter, Arad Winwin, Colby Tucker
We’re kicking off this list with a hot yoga series from! In total, there are four different videos in this series, but if we havvvve to choose just one, part 2 is our favorite. But just because we favor this threesome, doesn’t mean you should ignore parts one, three, and four! Be sure to slip those into your fap rotation next time you’re in the yoga fucking mood. [Watch]

2. Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco

Featuring: Shane Frost, Johnny Torque
Did anyone order a 2011 throwback?! For this next entry on our list, we’re digging into the NakedSword Originals archives and breaking out this SF-centric yoga fuck scene. [Watch]

4. The Trainer

Featuring: Thyle Knoxx, Markus Kage
Do you ever get the feeling that your yoga instructor wants to stretch you out a little more than they should?! Well, that’s what happened here in this perverted Masqulin video. [Watch]

3. The Trainer, Part 2

Featuring: Markus Kage, Ace Quinn
This scene is technically part 2 to the scene we just listed, but there’s really nothing in common with them besides Markus being a horny yoga instructor. These scenes came out almost a year apart and don’t even feature Markus with the same haircut or facial hair. [Watch]

5. Yoga Master

Featuring: Arad Winwin, Alam Wernik
This video acts as social media star Alam’s first and only video. For this scene, he’s paired up with muscle stud Arad (who he has had sex with many times before!) who barebacks the twunk’s award-winning ass on a bright red yoga mat. [Watch]

6. Best Sex Of My Life Part 1

Featuring: Bennett Anthony, Nicoli Cole
Okay, so this 2015 video is actually the best scene on this list if you’re looking for people fucking in bendy and wild yoga poses. We’re sure both of these fuckers had to do some serious stretching before attempting any of the positions done in this video. [Watch]


4 thoughts on “Six Yoga Fuck Videos You Need To Watch Right Now”

  1. Eww Markus Cage. I always felt something was off about him. He’s robotic with his scenes the I found out he’s g4p. Then on Twitter he’s was trying to get straight POV studious to film him with a woman. And also many other things. Dude just transition to a straight studio and leave the gays alone.

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