Skittles Dick Pic

See The Big Dick That The Official Skittles Twitter Account Just Liked

A casual reminder to all social media managers out there: If you’re using the corporate Twitter account to favorite things, everyone is able to see what you’re doing! Your likes and public and everyone can see them!

It seems that the person running the official Twitter account for Skittles may have learned this the hard way yesterday when they liked (and then quickly unliked) a tweet from OnlyFans performer Chris Stone that featured him showing off his rainbow-covered dick and instructing people to “taste the rainbow”.

Unfortunately for Skittles, even though they removed their favorite from the explicit tweet, screenshots exist and many people were able to snap a photo of the brand giving a heart to Chris’ long and colorful cock. Skittles has yet to publicly acknowledge this seemingly accidental like and its immediate unlike, but Chris posted to Twitter that the incident was a peak for him.

Skittles Dick Pic

“Just peaked for a little bit,” tweeted the long cock content creator. “Shoutout to the skittles intern that liked my penis.”

Skittles Dick Pic


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