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Skyy Diving With Dustin Holloway

What’s hotter than sun beating down on the desert? The heat of Skyy Knox beating down Dustin Holloway’s holes in an X rated pit stop on “Route 69”.

Last week, Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Fane took off with a gas can and wound up getting a refill from Alex Mecum, leaving to Dustin to fend for himself.

Dustin doesn’t know it yet, but Skyy Knox is going to make sure he doesn’t have to fend for himself much longer.

It’s been a while, but we’ve been here before. A deserted side road where two men get naked and nasty together. Back in 1983, it was one of the first gay superstars, Al Parker himself, and Craig Ryan in “Champs”.

[Watch “Champs” at Falcon]

Now director Tony Dimarco is again making everything old new again with Falcon Studios Group exclusive Skyy Knox and Dustin Holloway.

skyy knox fucks dustin holloway falconWaiting for Fane, Dustin is jacking off in the front seat when he looks up to see Skyy Knox walking across the barren desert. As Skyy approaches, he asks if Dustin needs a helping hand and helps himself to rod sticking out of Dustin’s jeans. He decided it would feel even better in his mouth. He was right.

skyy knox fucks dustin holloway falconAs Dustin’s gaze traveled down to the bulge in Skyy’s jeans, he drops to his knees to service the horny stranger in the dirt.

skyy knox fucks dustin holloway falconHard and more than ready, Skyy bends Dustin over the car door, slips his dick in and starts taking Dustin for a test drive.

skyy knox fucks dustin holloway falconNeeding more room to thrust, Skyy pats the car hood for Dustin to hop in. He hikes Dustin’s legs in the air, spits on his hole and resumes the journey. This time, he drives Dustin home until his cock spills all over his abs. Then Skyy leaves Dustin with a souvenir of the tryst in the form of a load all over his pecs.

And there’s still one more stop to make before we take the exit ramp off “Route 69”.

[Watch Dustin & Skyy in “Route 69” scene six at Falcon]


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