Sleazy Used Car Salesman Dom King Drives a Hard Bargain

Ever since got a hold of Dom King, we’ve seen the studio silly him up after all that of more serious and sensual scenes at CockyBoys and Lucas Entertainment. We’ve since seen him stuff his dick up a pizza box, fall for the ole “cock in the tissue box” trick, break up an engagement (a straight one…eww!), and fuck a handyman with the blunt end of a hammer.

And you know what? I don’t give a shit. This man is so goddamn hot, I will watch him in every single scene he does, and drool myself dry every single time. I’m actually glad we get to see a more fun side of him, even if it involves some shrill in the background. And that brings us to this new scene, where he looks fine as fuck as a used car salesman—in the suit or out (dear lord, how sexy is he in just those cute argyle socks?!).

Dom King Dom King

Dom King Dom King

Dom King, Sam Ledger

Dom’s cheesy commercial catches the attention of Sam Ledger, who is back for his second scene and fresh off his DP by the very big dicks of Rhyheim Shabazz and Marlon Costa at NakedSword. Sam is getting further away from his Helix work with every new scene, and I’m loving it. He’s one of the “suckers born every minute” who falls for Dom’s smarmy schemes to get money.

Dom King, Sam Ledger

Dom King, Sam Ledger Dom King, Sam Ledger

Dom King, Sam Ledger

The twink quickly finds himself getting his own trunk inspected from behind, and then the two head outside where Sam sucks Dom before the alpha drives him hard—holding him up with those strong arms to fuck him, Sam also supporting himself between two cars as he takes it (why he has to keep his jockstrap on, that big bulge aching for a release, is beyond me). Dom fucks him doggy over a hood, then plows him in the back of an SUV before painting his face.

Dom can do no wrong in my book, and I will giddily watch any of these stupid scenes puts him in. I’m his bitch, and I love it.

See the full scene at!


15 thoughts on “Sleazy Used Car Salesman Dom King Drives a Hard Bargain”

  1. These studios need to stop covering up the brand names of products in the video. It is not like we are going to go out buy a Mazda or Infiniti. The use of tape over the symbols is stupid. I could see the covering up of license plate numbers okay.

    1. It’s so they don’t get sued and waste any money on legal fees, or add to the countless paperwork of releases and permissions that porn requires of them in this country.

      Don’t be so obtuse.

    1. It was a very Brazzers Gone Gay scene. Sam actually has a cute dick, why they didn’t show it until the last 3 minutes of the scene I don’t know.

      1. well is the brazzers of gay porn, and they’re owned by the same company… don’t you love monopolies!

        1. Universal Potentate

          Huh … that is starting to make sense. They have hetero producers trying to appeal to the gay market.

          1. The really over-the-top scenes from those two studios probably share female directors and writers which would explain all the women at

        2. On top of and Brazzers, Mindgeek also owns Pornhub, Reality Kings, Sean Cody, WhyNotBi, RedTube, and on, and on…

          1. yup it’s pretty insane. There’s a Netflix documentary that just came out about it

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