Behold the Finale of ‘Fame Game,’ In Which Boomer Banks Fucks the Cum Out of Mickey Taylor

For those who’ve been keeping up, it’s time for the big final episode of NakedSword Originals’ Fame Game, in which the star of the film, exclusive model Mickey Taylor, gets one big final fuck in his dressing room from his new talent manager top, Boomer Banks.

There’s some drama in this fourth and final episode as Mickey prepares for a big stage debut in San Francisco, and the pressure is on from club owner Adam Ramzi, who’s packed the place with people there to see him.

But Mickey caves to the pressure — and freaks out when he receives a bunch of sex pics from vindictive ex Bray Love, who just had a bathroom revenge fuck with Topher DiMaggio — and disappears, only to get found in the alley by manager/mentor Boomer, who decides he needs to fuck all his fears away before he gets on stage.

Mickey does an admirable job worshiping and sucking Boomer’s 11-inch cock, and Boomer then goes to town on Mickey’s little round ass, finally pushing him up against the dressing room mirrors and pounding his hole.

Update: The full scene is live now on NakedSword.















[NakedSword: Fame Game, Episode 4]

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