Sneak Peek: Austin Wilde Has Sex With Another Black Man For The First Time!

Here’s a sneak photo I just received from an upcoming scene, featuring Austin Wilde and hot newcomer Robbie (no last name—he’s like Cher), who is decidedly black. I guess Austin Wilde having sex with another man of color proves he’s not a racist after all!


38 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Austin Wilde Has Sex With Another Black Man For The First Time!”

  1. I could never get into Austin Wild. I don’t know why either. He’s not a troll or anything. Same thing with his boyfriend. Anthony Romero? Is that his name? Anyway. Never could get into either of them for some reason.

  2. fuckyofaceforAdollar

    OMG thank you for the daily Austin report. I live for this man and thankfully thesword keeps me up to date on his every move. PHEW.

    1. As if he could. Most of the good-looking black porn actors wouldn’t touch Austin Wilde with a 10foot pole. His sex game is weak. I bet if he was still with that shitty porn company(NextDoors) he won’t be doing any scene with a person of color. Austin Wilde is a snow queen.

      1. I have to disagree on Austin’s performance. I believe he’s pretty good at both topping and bottoming. He’s just not as popular as he was during his Raging Stallion days. I mean who would be after leaving a studio like that to a studio like NDS. I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Wagner couldn’t get much bookings to do scenes if he ever leaves there for good.

  3. Thank GOD for Matthew Rush, Trey Turner & Robert Axel. Porn actors of color, who aren’t color struck or caught up in their hype.

    1. lol# “Truth Teller”..Matthew Rush only started sleeping with blk men on film cause his demand had faded by all other studios…LoL

      1. not only that, but the majority of people didn’t even know that he was half black until the last half of his Falcon career, if not less than that. It seems Falcon didn’t want most people to know either considering how much lighter skinned he was back then and also his super-blonde hair. I don’t think he’s ever dated a man of color either. He’s dated Jake Genesis and Ethan Kage, both definitely not black. Although I could be wrong about that.

      2. I have to disagree. Matthew Rush was still popular after he left Falcon,and could have easily signed up with another mainstream porn studio and continue his career. However, he choose to venture out and do scenes with various studios(from Mainstream to urban) instead of being exclusive & restricted to 1 studio. Also, unlike Austin Wilde, who’s probably doing this as a 1 time stunt, Matthew Rush went on to have several scenes with other black porn actors. LOL @ majority not knowing about Matthew Rush’s racial background. Matthew Rush has always stated,from day 1, that he’s biracial.There are plenty of light skin black people that have Matthew Rush’s physical features without necessarily being mixed.

  4. It’s not so much about him finally doing a scene with an unmistakably black man. It’s the fact that Austin Wilde in the past ,played the racially ambiguous game for most of his porn career. It wasn’t that long he posted a scene with another biracial porn actor on his now defunct Nextdoor blog and labeled it as his first scene with a black porn actor. As if doing a scene with another racially ambiguous looking guy, is suppose to be groundbreaking & progressive of his level of maturity.Bitch please! It’s no secret that Austin Wilde has a preference for white twinks, he was never here for the black porn actors.Interesting enough most his white counterparts are more open minded & have shot scenes with other black porn actors. I can only wonder whats the agenda behind this stunt.Congrats Austin Wilde, for you first token black porn actor addition to your website.

  5. when AW started out i had a sort of sympathy for him and thought he had a chance of becoming a noted player in the field, regrettably he did not, and now I lost all interest, i love interracial sex btw but AW and his former (?) boyfriend are anon-no in my pornbook, just my two cents

  6. As a black man i don’t care for him or his no worries if he’d never slept with one on film… i’m into better looking black men in porn…:-)

    1. HHAHAHAHAHA..well said,id rather watch carlito, venom, afrikan prince etc etc than this wannabe…his probably thinking this is a “milestone” in his career…..the pleb is hilarious i tell you…his choice tho at the end of the day.

  7. Who said he was a racist? Anyway, this scene will most likely be hot!! It’s nice to see a little variety every now and then. If gay porn were any indication, you wouldn’t think 99% of gays are white or latin.

    1. Some members on here have been outspoken on the lack of AW scenes with black men. I never got what all the drama was about. It’s not Austin’s decision who his scene partner is. He’s welcome to state his opinion on who he’d like to work with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean studios will book him to do scenes with people he suggests.

      I think this will be a pretty good scene can’t wait to see it!

      1. Why would he be obligated to do a scene with a black guy, is the stipulation put on others? But a little interesting fact I didn’t know

        1. His boyfriend has racist tattoo writting of some sort, but into black men. Austin on camera has only done 1 latin twink and no blacks. He professes to be top but bottoms for stright guys..groosss. This black dick is not even hard. I want to see Desil W. just fuck the shit out of that half black cracker faced twink hound. Then I’ll call him a MAN! He is 30 years old now.. get with the MEN and away from the twinks.

  8. I thought GISW was just photos and not video? It’s good to see some men in color getting it on. I wonder if Diesel will be crowing that it should have been him with Austin first.

  9. Running out of things to post about Austin Wilde. Now it is his first black man. Maybe tomorrow his first double strawberry smoothie. On Friday it can be his new toilet paper he bought.

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