So Into Bryce Star

Bryce Star’s 2012 world dickmatization tour continues as another one of his movies is released. This is Bryce Star’s blog, and I’m just blogging in it.

The twunk power bottom rides Lawson Kane in Hard Friction’s So Into You.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the pic on the left, from It Gets Bigger. You know that video game they have in bars where you try to find the slight differences in two pictures of the same thing? I guess the Photoshoppers at Raging Stallion and Hard Friction want us to play using the two photos above. Any excuse to stare at Bryce Star is fine with me, but why does Hard Friction hate birthmarks??

Get So Into You here.


Here is an amazing clip I found on MassageBait where a very attentive Tyler Saint uses some toys on Bryce Star. I want to be that penis pump.


7 thoughts on “<em>So Into</em> Bryce Star”

  1. @mitch: you would like to see me be more of a passionate kisser? I’m open to all suggestion, all of your critiques and suggestions shall be read. Appreciated. ;)

    1. I just saw you for the first time on film the other day. You were with S Reed (?) and someone else in two scenes in one video. I was impressed. You have it all! Including the gorgeous eyes. Please tell me where I can see you on top. I’ll be watching. -A big Admirer

  2. He is so sexy. I have said it before, I am glad that a major studio is giving him some face time. Hope this is a sign of things to come.

  3. i appreciate him as a bottom slut, no way as a top, if he could learn to kiss like a god, his career will be long and,prosperous, handsome sexy face too

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