Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice

So. Many. Abs. (aka MrDeepVoice Fucks Felix Fox)

Jesus with these two bodies…are you trying to hurt me, Falcon?! I just wanna watch my porn and drool over hot cocks, but when you throw this many abs and chiseled muscles in my face, I get easily distracted. (Wait, why am I complaining?!)

I love how MrDeepVoice (aka Thomas Johnson) keeps mixing things up. After recently seeing him bend over for the big dick of Sean Xavier and flip with Beau Butler, we now get to see him be a total top with Felix Fox—who topped in a few studio scenes last year (that Damian Night pairing is chef’s kiss). These two stunners look straight out of a Calvin Klein commercial (them kissing with those bodies stacked on each other…yes please!)…

Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice

Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice

As the hot feature Into You continues, Felix (who I still don’t immediately recognize without his curly hair!) starts by slurping on Thomas’s johnson, and as soon as we hear the UK hunk’s deep British accent, I’m in heaven. We don’t get to hear it as much when he buries his handsome face in Felix’s ass and munches him out, but it comes back again when he fucks the ripped bottom.

Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice

Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice Felix Fox, MrDeepVoice

I can’t decide what sequence is hotter: Felix riding Thomas, the bottom’s own meaty boner stuff as a brick; or Felix getting on his back to take it, an overhead shot looking down at both of their stunning bods in full. Which position do you prefer each of these versatile hotties in?

See the full scene at Falcon!


23 thoughts on “So. Many. Abs. (aka MrDeepVoice Fucks Felix Fox)”

  1. Two of the WORST performers in porn. For starters…. who the fuck calls themselves “Mr. Deepvoice”? What a fucking JOKE!!!

    1. Universal Potentate

      It helps if you’re gay or at least bisexual before viewing this.
      Also, have a previous sex life and be over 18.
      Good luck next time!

        1. Universal Potentate

          You say “Asshole.”
          I say “Mocking your immaturity.”
          Go to message boards at your level, perhaps Twitter.

          1. Universal Potentate

            You don’t want it.
            You certainly need it.
            You think I’m a grandpa? Hug?
            What is your age?

    2. Maybe send a pic of yourself. We’ll maybe laugh at you. Here on a Saturday night. Boring life hey. Say something nice or keep your pie hole shut.

      1. “Maybe send a pic of yourself” What a fucking shallow thing to say. Seeing a pic of someone is going to determine how you interpret their words? How embarrassing for you.

  2. Prefer Mr.Deep bottoming but what the he’ll he looks sexy in any position. Oh to hear that voice whispering in your ear “Fuck me hard and deeper”as you pound that lickable hole!

  3. Felix has clearly been ridden hard and put away wet, but doesn’t look the worse for it. A daddy bottom is always welcome in porn. We need more representation.

  4. Universal Potentate

    Okay! This needed to happen! I’m glad it happened.
    Still … needs a better cameraman to get all the best angles.

    1. Who the fuck cares what you think? You’re giving advice on the camera man?? Because…… let me guess….. YOU are a camera man?? You’re pathetic.

          1. DING DING DING<<

            Okay, everybody go to your corners!

            Everybody take a break and take a tranquilizer!!!


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