With nary a word, Calvin Banks seems to have left his exclusive contract at the brand he’s been the face of for over two years and returned to embattled Helix Studios.

UPDATE: The TwitterVerse has come to my rescue! Thanks to some replies to this article's tweet (and a cute gif from Beaux Banks) I have now learned that Calvin announced that he was gonna stay a free agent back in March when his contract was up. Good for him! But still, HOW was this not bigger news?! 

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love me some #CalvinsCock no matter the studio, but the cynic in me has gotta admit, this is strange.

Calvin made his porn debut at Helix in February 2016, and then transferred to Cockyboys about a year later. (As far as I can tell. If you fans have a correction, @ me!)

Around that time, Calvin started to bulk up (fuck yea), embrace his chest hair (double fuck yeah), and grew out his frizzy hair to a sexy, moody mop top (cum shot!)

Fans embraced Calvin’s transformation, as he became the face of CB (CockyBoys/Calvin Banks...a good fit, yeah?) He is arguably the most notable model in this class of CockBoys. His face was EVERYWHERE on CB marketing materials.

Calvin_Banks, Jacob_Hansen Calvin_Banks, Jacob_Hansen

Banks--an exclusive at the studio--was a perfect fit to be poster boy of CockyBoys iconic style of Auteur Porn. Banks could be alternately playful, sensual, and aggressive--depending on the needs of the scene as determined by Jake Jaxson.

So why, at the top of his Twunk Daddy game, would Calvin return to his twinky roots? I know enough about this business to assume that he’d NEVER be allowed to film with a competitor while under contract!

Perhaps Helix persuaded (cough ***threw shit-tons of money at***) this big-dick demi-god to return, and maybe promising him Blake and Joey’s mantel as the face of their brand?

Calvin_Banks, Jacob_Hansen Calvin_Banks, Jacob_Hansen

Rumor is they spend top-dollar when they want something. (Kyle if you see this--that’s all just my conjecture, I know nothing...don’t shoot!)

Even so, Calvin is the (fucking massive, bulging) Cock of the Walk at CB. Why does he need Helix? If there really is drama ongoing, isn't that beneath him? (***Cough again** Wheel Barrows of Dough ***Cough***)

Am I calling Calvin a sell-out? No. It's good business to go where the money is. But in terms of climbing the porn studio ladder, isn't this starting back at first position?

But, if watching Calvin fuck a hungry smooth twink, commanding Helix Newbie Jacob Hansen like an Army seargent in your thing, check out his return here!

Calvin_Banks, Jacob_Hansen Calvin_Banks, Jacob_Hansen