Someone Else Corbin Fisher Can Sue: “The Committee To Save The Erie County Republican Party”

Extremely litigious bareback gay porn studio Corbin Fisher has sued thousands of illegal downloaders, file hosting companies, and one lollipop twink with an escort ad, and now they can add an anti-gay conservative group in upstate New York to their list of defendants. Something called “The Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party” is sending out anti-gay marriage mailers using gay porn images from Corbin Fisher, and unless Corbin Fisher authorized the use of their images (you never know with them), I say they should sue.

Here are the two panels from the remarkably amateur and horribly designed ads, both of which feature stills from juxtaposed with anti-gay copy directed at a New York state senator who voted in favor of gay marriage:

The only problem with pursuing a lawsuit? It’ll be hard to figure out who exactly is responsible for the ads and thus who to file suit against. But if anyone can figure out who to sue, it’s Corbin Fisher!

Politico via Buzzfeed:

A blistering piece attacking a Republican New York state senator who was the decisive vote in the state’s historic gay marriage legislation last year has been circulating over email – accusing him of being a “political whore” and asking “how far will a politician go to get in your pants?”

The piece … says it was paid for by the Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party. A Google search revealed nothing about the committee, and it wasn’t immediately clear who is sponsoring the group.

It laces into Sen. Mark Grisanti, a Buffalo-area Republican who switched his vote to support gay marriage at the last minute last year.

“I cannot legally come up with an argument against same-sex marriage,” Grisanti said as the bill was being debated in Albany. “Who am I to say that someone does not have the same rights that I have with my wife, who I love, or to have the 1,300-plus rights that I share with her.”

“Make sure your Son (sp) says, ‘Thank you, Mark Grisanti,’” the mailer says.

Grisanti and three other Republican senators who backed the state’s same-sex marriage legislation were expected to face challenges over the votes, as are other candidates who have either supported same-sex marriage elsewhere in the country.

Thanks to an anonymous, eagle-eyed reader for helping me ID the specific scenes from which the images were lifted. The first is from “Zeb Fucks Wayne,” and the second is from beloved classic “Fucking Skip.” Have fun, Corbin Fisher.


19 thoughts on “Someone Else Corbin Fisher Can Sue: “The Committee To Save The Erie County Republican Party””

  1. While everyone at CorbinFisher is flattered the self-described “Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party” would select two of our company’s images to represent all-things-gay, the persons/person considering the unauthorized use of our images, in violation of registered copyrights, should be aware we take the protection of our intellectual property seriously.

    Whichever group or individual took a break from furiously manipulating themselves to the collection of CorbinFisher gay erotic images they apparently maintain on their computer should be aware use of the images without our prior written consent is a violation of our copyrights.  

    Certainly, having all heard of occasions in which self-professed family values advocates have vehemently opposed same-sex marriage rights while at the same time adopting “wide stances” in airport restrooms, employing male prostitutes as European vacation luggage carriers or mile-high methamphetamine-smoking partners, and shamelessly pursuing sexual favors from pages in the halls of Congress, it doesn’t quite surprise us those behind the “Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party” would readily have access to a number of our sexually explicit, gay-oriented images.  Nonetheless, we’d politely ask they discontinue attempts to insert our copyrighted images in to their distributed political material, and instead stick to secretly pleasuring themselves and battling their internal struggles with guilt and shame over the sexual orientation they are unable to come to terms with, like so many other outspoken opponents of gay rights are so good at doing.

  2. When I read the headline for this story I certainly found it quite odd because I have never heard of this “organization” before, and I certainly was skeptical that an organization that would impliedly or ostensibly be in support of traditional marriage would not recognize the obvious irony in using a gay porn still to promote their cause.
    It would appear that the mailer had little to do with a gay marriage vote and much more to do with ginning up absurd claims about the upper state New York Republican party to advance a personal and political agenda. It would appear that the culprit in this matter is a Mr. Matt Ricchiazzi, a relatively recent graduate of Cornell University who has failed to make it on the ballot of any of the races for which he has campaigned. Interestingly, Mr. Ricchiazzi has self identified as bi-sexual and was/is an independent according to his cached twitter feed and older posts from his website that were taken down in the wake of the last incident involving him and the politician who was the target of his attack – Mark Grisanti.

    In February of this year, Mr. Ricchiazzi, who works/ed for the Seneca Nation holdings company in upper state New York, was incensed over the fact that Mr. Grisanti opposed the expansion of the Seneca Nation gambling franchise after an incident involving himself and his wife at the Seneca Nation casino in downtown Buffalo this past February. His opposition to the expansion has thrown the proverbial monkey wrench into the works for his former (or present) employer and the motivation for the unmailed mailer was to smear and hopefully force Grisanti out of politics. It is the widely held belief among most of the political watchers in upper state New York that he is the creator of the un-mailed mailer and that this has more to do with frustration over never winning any of the campaigns he waged and potential lost profits for his bosses than Republican Grisanti’s vote in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in New York. As always though, I could, and very well may be wrong, but that is my understanding.

  3. Who actually owns Liberty Media of which the Corbin Fisher site is part of? If no actual lawsuit follows I think we know who does and it ain’t damn socialist liberal Democrats then.

  4. Something tells me the infamous “lollipop twink” had something to do with this. I wouldn’t put it past him…that crazy kid!!!

  5. I’ve always enjoyed your blog but I wonder with an issue as important as this, WHY you need to take digs at CF? “you never know with them” and then over and over about them suing? Their content, their business… What’s up with that?
    Keep the focus on the asshole who are dishing hate..

    1. How do you know Corbin Fisher didn’t license the images? How do you know Corbin Fisher didn’t create the ad themselves to drum up publicity for their site?

      I trust people are mature and smart enough to focus on whatever they feel is important to them and to believe whatever they choose to believe; I don’t aim to push people one way or another, but I do like to always remain skeptical of everything.

      1. I don’t, but then do you? Implying your beliefs influences but maybe that’s what you’re about though. Your site, your choice.. No one forces me to read right? ;)

      2. You’re just as much of a hypocrite as the Republicans. Unless you have some information that CF was involved in providing the photo you have no business saying anything. People read a blurb here or there and suddenly your speculation, for inquiring minds, becomes reality for gossips. It’s irresponsible at best. If you’re trying to provoke thought then write something thought provoking. Of course that would require your ability to be thoughtful and able to string more then two or three words together into a sentence.

  6. Looks like at least one member of that committee is a closet case. I wonder how many gay porn sites they looked at before settling on those pictures?

  7. There are certain exceptions to copyright protection, called “fair use” exceptions, political criticism is one of these, so is paradoy, and there are others. Just f.y.i. Zach. Interesting blog.

    1. This would definitely not fall under “fair use,” since the source images have no relation to the issues at hand (i.e., the gay marriage debate, questions about political contributions, etc.), not to mention the fact that these models are being tied to someone who is being called a “whore,” which calls raises issues of libel, especially since these are privately-owned images, permission for which I am sure was never asked of Corbin Fisher. So, yeah, I hope CF uses its legal muscle to sting and drain the shit out of these fuckers. There’s a name on that card. Someone can be targeted.

  8. Only in America. Only in fucking America where porn, straight or gay porn is legal but gay marriage is not! Like you can fuck you ass or suck a dick but no, you can get married like heterosexual people! The height of hypocrisy!

  9. Bastards can’t leave people alone can they? I wonder about parents who OBSESS over how their kids are gonna wanna fuck other people. The real sycophants are these parents who give so many fucks as to how their children are having sex and with whom. Seriously, need a life much?

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