I Have Something to Say: Diesel Washington

“I came into this business ten years ago trying to make a change. Trying to change what the standardized version of beauty was beside white.” ~Diesel Washington tackles diversity.

Chuck “Seed Money” Holmes may have set the standard for the “Gay Adonis” almost 40 years ago. Diesel Washington has been trying to break that mold for more than a decade.

When it comes it the lack of diversity in gay porn, Diesel Washington has something to say.

“I think porn would be a whole better place if it broadened its spectrum of what they believe beauty to be.”

Despite having one of the most illuminating Twitter feeds around, not everything on Diesel Washington’s mind can be expressed in 140 characters. That’s what you will find here at The Sword. See you next week when “I Have Something to Say: Diesel Washington” stirs the pot again.

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12 thoughts on “I Have Something to Say: Diesel Washington”

  1. Yes, the adult industry is a business and they have to book models who sell the fantasy. But historically, the porn industry does have an influence in the mainstream society. If porn studios made an effort to cast more ethnic/indigenous minorities, we’d probably see a lot less of the “white or light-skinned latinos only” precursor on Grindr.
    Yes, there are ethnic specific sites, but they’re of lower quality, sites such as Latin Boyz and Thug Seduction exploit the models and treat them like fetishes, rather than celebrating the attractiveness of the over-all male physique. Referencing “separate, but equal” may seem like a stretch for something like porn, but when the result is having to deal with racism in the gay dating world, dealing with stupidity like “like the food, not the chef” “no beans, no rice” “i’m not racist, but…” on a daily basis, you have to admit…for a community that’s trying to preach diversity to the “hetero-world”, why don’t we celebrate it within our own?

  2. And how many scenes has Diesel done with guys that look like him? I’ll wait.

    How do black guys that are clearly pretty exclusively into white guys even fix their lips to complain about lack of “diversity” or white guys being elitist? No one will take you seriously if you are what you’re arguing against. It makes you look like a confused control freak. Might do some good for guys like Diesel to change their own standards of “beauty” first. BTW, saying “beauty” is a little odd when referring to all-male productions. Just say “standard”, Diesel.

  3. It’s whatever mainstream porn will always be a white only party with a few tokens walking around. And he’s right though, being white has always been the standard.

  4. Talks about racism but only does scenes with white guys; not other black guys, or Asians, etc. Okay. Basically al sharpton plus kanye and what you get is a mentally ill race baiter, in porn.

  5. Diesel needs a Xanax. He’s always bitching about something. There are plenty of non-whites in mainstream porn. There are tons of latino and middle eastern actors. No, that doesn’t include black actors or asian actors because that isn’t what sells on a wide scale. But whatever, who really cares? If you want to make porn with more black actors, you are free to go do that. But as always with this guy, it’s just easier for him to flap his gums and vomit-up a tongue full of reasons to be “sick-n-tired” about something.

  6. I love how these porn workers think they are doing something earth shattering having sex on film…like they discovered a cure for the plague …
    Busting a nut is still the main purpose… no one looks to you guys for enlightenment or an opportunity to garner a spot on the list as one of the pulitzer prize hopefuls…just STOP lol!

  7. There should be other ethnicities but are those models applying? Maybe all those other ethnicities are doing something with their lives beyond porn. If a major studio hires a minority model and their scenes /memberships increase, they’d get a lesson. Sean Zevran seems popular as does Adam Ramzi. Often, however, minorities are relegated to smaller studios. There are Latino models at various studios. Studios are out to make money so they’re going to hire what sells. Porn is a fantasy so they often hire the beautiful young bodies. But again, even today where nudity or porn is more mainstream, many good looking guys have other career choices and life goals beyond porn. Are Helix subscribers demanding black, Latino, Asian twinks? You should encourage paying customers to write studios about what they want to see. I’m sure they monitor which scenes or movies get watched most

  8. I love everything that comes out and goes into this man’s mouth. Diesel Washington makes gay porn a better place all by himself – please don’t retire ever

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