Josh Evans, Danny Jones, Staxus

Sometimes You Just Gotta Fuck Your Best Friend While Your Girlfriend Is Asleep In The Same Bed

Is this actually possible? Can you have full-on anal sex while someone is asleep next to you? Can you finish without making too much noise and waking them up? Have any of you actually done this before?

The newest scene from Staxus has twinks Josh Evans and Danny Jones getting it on all while Josh’s girlfriend, Lucy, lays next to them asleep in the same bed. The two boys fuck pretty quietly (all things considering), but there’s no way they could actually have sex while she’s sleeping right? Surely she would wake up the second the bed started rocking.

Josh Evans, Danny Jones, Staxus Josh Evans, Danny Jones, Staxus

I know that porn is supposed to be fantasy, but this scene is just really making me think. I feel like a casual handjob or maybe a blowjob would be feasible, but full-on anal just can’t be possible. Maybe they’re only able to do this because Lucy is just a really heavy sleeper. Who knows?!

What do you think about this fantasy situation? Do you think it’s possible to have full-on anal intercourse without waking someone up? How about a blowjob? Handjob? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to catch this entire scene over on Staxus.


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