Source: Cause Of Death Yet To Be Determined In Death Of Corbin Fisher’s Sean

He died one week ago today, but a source close to the investigation of Matthew Bremer’s (a.k.a. Corbin Fisher’s “Sean”) death tells The Sword that a cause has yet to be determined.

The medical examiner’s initial report shows that no signs of drugs, suicide, or foul play were involved in the young model’s death. No paraphernalia (bottles, delivery devices, etc.) was found on the scene. A toxicology report has been ordered, and all other possibilities (perhaps an undiagnosed heart condition or internal injuries from a past trauma that went unnoticed) will be investigated.

“His autopsy revealed nothing, and it will take some time for toxicology results to come in,” says the source.

Additionally, my source calls speculation over Bremer’s death being somehow tied to his arrest two years ago for possession of a controlled substance, “Just that, speculation.” Bremer had been on probation since the 2010 arrest and had been receiving monthly drug tests, all of which had come back clean.

Bremer’s family is still (obviously) mourning, and mystified as to what could have taken the 22-year-old’s life.

8 thoughts on “Source: Cause Of Death Yet To Be Determined In Death Of Corbin Fisher’s Sean”

  1. Thank you for the update! I can’t stop thinking about Matthew and those he left behind. Very, very tragic. I’ve shed more tears because of Matthew’s passing than I did when my own mother died when I was 14. I can’t explain it, but there’s no doubt the world has lost a precious soul.

  2. Thanks for the info, but not sure if the real truth will ever be released no matter how close this source is. I can only imagine that the family just wants to know how it happened, if it were my loved one I sure would as well. For his fans that have a desire to know should just remember him by enjoying his work he left behind. When I saw this post yesterday I was like do we as the purchasing public really need to know this? I can’t imagine how many fans this guy had or would want to even guess, but by the reaction since the announcement it is clear that there were many from different parts of life. I just hope that his sole is at peace and that his family can find comfort to move on in life for going forward for them will never be the same. Matthew is resting in peace, and peace is what I wish so much for his family to find as time goes on.

    1. Do we need to know? Absolutely not. Matthew’s last year of life was spent with Corbin Fisher making us care about him and what he did so it’s natural that we WANT to know.

  3. I was wondering as well.
    Looked a bit and found nothing.
    I can’t even think of anything medically relevant that could hurt someone young unless there were preexisting conditions.

  4. Actually, thanks for looking into it. I was curious about it but was a bit weary of asking for details in a sensitive situation like this. There have been so many frustratingly “mysterious” deaths that never were explained to the rest of us and while it is not very important in the scheme of things, I have always wanted to know (remember Danny Roddick?).
    But I always am interested in finding out how such a young man can die so abruptly and so young, especially when it is not drugs-related. It would be more tragic, sure, if it was health-related but it would touch me more than a guy wasting his life away with drugs.
    Either way, thanks for looking into it even if you didn’t get many answers.

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