Spanish-Speaking Studs Make Sean Cody Debut

Where are Alex and Olaf from? I’m not quite sure, but Sean Cody wants us to know they speak Spanish, which narrows it down to about 22 countries. They’re hot, and that’s enough for me!

Buff jock Alex and dark-haired Olaf each made solo debuts earlier this year (Olaf in February, Alex in March), and now they join forces for their first full-on sex studio scene. I’m in love with pretty much every part of Alex’s body, from his very thick dick (a traffic cone cock that’s girthy at the base) to that tight stomach, but it’s those nips in particular that drive me fucking insane.

Alex Olaf

Alex, Olaf

Smooth Olaf also has a striking presence (and fantastic hair), and after slurping on his bud’s dick offers up his hole. Some of the fuck shots are a little meh (the jackrabbit part of the sit-down fuck, at least in the trailer, doesn’t seem to have much actual shaft movement, just a lot of shaking and flesh-smacking sounds). And I wish these two were verbal. But I do like seeing Alex grab Olaf’s hair as he pounds him from behind, and the sight of him squirting on the bottom’s ass.

Alex, Olaf Alex, Olaf

Alex, Olaf

What do you think of these two newcomers?

See the full scene at Sean Cody!


8 thoughts on “Spanish-Speaking Studs Make Sean Cody Debut”

  1. They’re shaved and hairless like little girls…..Gross! How about about a video with grown ups? Not into pedophile porn.

    1. Intentionaly Left Blank

      Sometime it is just to write off a trip to Spain and have some fun. At least they are using the locals unlike DuRoy going…anywhere.

      1. That means he’s one of the many racist gays who also vote against our common interests, laugh at homophobic jokes, and think drag queens are groomers

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